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Best Technology Apps For Android - introduction

Posted by Jerry Hannan Friday, February 16, 2018 0 comments
Best Technology Apps For Android - introduction

It's been ten years since Android was announced, and what a decade it's been. But there's never been a better time to jump on board, as the Google Play store has exploded in recent years, with a proliferation of apps that can cater to your every need.

The problem is: there are just too many of them, even with Editor's Picks, Featured and Best Selling, Top Paid and Top Free categories there to help.

Best Technology Apps For Android 2018

There are things you can do to filter the winners from the wannabes. Google builds a list of best technology android apps 2018 it recommends for you based on your previous downloads, so that's often a good place to start. 

You can also filter by new releases if you just want to see the latest things to hit the store. Or, if you want something similar to an app you already have, search for that app and see what comes up.

And of course using user reviews and ratings is an essential part of ensuring the apps you download are high quality. But the easiest (and best) way to find top quality apps is to have someone else do the searching for you.

And that's why we made this list. Like you we want the best apps for our Android phones. The best technology android apps 2018 that are going to revolutionize functionality or, at the very least, offer something so great that it becomes one of the must-have apps that has to be downloaded whenever you get a new handset.

The following Best Android apps 2018 will be constantly updated and are a mixture of paid and free ones that have been chosen by our Android experts. So, even if you do dip into actual cash for one of these apps, you are safe in the knowledge that it is a worthwhile purchase.

Free Apps For Android

Whether you want to make your phone charge faster, save some money or improve your exam performance there’s a life hack for it, and you’ll find those and many more in the aptly-named Life Hacks.

The app gives you a variety of categories, such as ‘Technology Tricks’, ‘Money Savers’, ‘Life Tips’ and ‘Parenting’, and when you tap on one you’ll be presented with a series of cards to swipe through, each of which has a life hack relevant to the category.

If you find one you like you can save it to your favorites, copy it or share it, and new hacks are added all the time, with a category dedicated specifically to new ones, so you can find them all in one place.

The actual quality of the hacks is variable and in some cases they’re US-centric, but skimming through them is fast, fun and you’re likely to learn something genuinely useful.

New look for sign-in coming soon

Posted by Jerry Hannan Wednesday, March 29, 2017 0 comments

Learn about the new Google sign-in page

In the next few weeks, the page to sign in to your Google Account will look a little different.

What will stay the same

  • The steps to sign in won't change. You'll enter the same information you usually do, like your email address and password.
  • You can use your account to sign in securely to the same Google services as before.

Why the page is changing

The new sign-in page will:
  • Have a cleaner, simpler look.
  • Make the sign-in process faster.
  • Be consistent across computers, phones, and tablets.

Where this change will happen

The new sign-in page will show up on computers, phones, and tablets. You'll see it when you sign in to a Google app or a Google service on a browser, like Chrome.
You might still see the old sign-in page in these cases:
  • You use an older version of a browser
  • You've turned off JavaScript

How to help keep your account secure

Both the old and new sign-in pages help you sign in securely to your Google Account.
To take extra steps to strengthen your account's security, we recommend that you:
  • Do a Security Checkup to review security settings and activity.
  • Learn more about signing in securely, especially if you use a shared device.
  • Visit the Safety Center to find out about online security and privacy tools.

Delete your Yahoo account? Reconsider.

Posted by Jerry Hannan Friday, February 17, 2017 0 comments
Erasing your Yahoo email account? No doubt, good fortunes with that 

Some Yahoo clients say conflicting security rehearses makes the record cancellation prepare close outlandish.

Delete your Yahoo account? Reconsider. 

A few Yahoo clients, who a year ago chose to leave the administration, revealed to us that their records stayed open for a considerable length of time or months after the organization said they would be shut.

News softened up September of an enormous state-supported cyberattack that prompted to the robbery of 500 million records - then thought to be the biggest burglary of records ever. That by itself was sufficient for some to make a move and erase their records, months before the organization let it be known was hacked again - this time taking one billion records.

Jerry Hannan was one of those leaving clients, whose lethargic record was gradually amassing garbage in the course of recent years.

"This was an antiquated email I had set up, had no individual information in it any longer and had a novel watchword," expounding on his inconveniences on Medium. "In any case, it's a piece of my advanced impression that I did not require anymore and chose, given the awful security works on going ahead at Yahoo, to vote with my record and have it evacuated."

Hurray makes the record cancellation prepare sufficiently clear, yet clients need to hold up "much of the time... roughly 90 days" for the record to close. The organization says this is to "debilitate clients from taking part in deceitful action."

On day 91, Clarke logged once again into his record to find that it was still dynamic. Unbeknownst to him, logging back in essentially to check would reset the clock back to zero.

"Hurray affirmed by means of email yesterday in the event that you get to your record it resets the clock," he let me know. "Along these lines, on the off chance that you login to guarantee your record has been erased and it hasn't, you need to hold up in any event an additional 90 days."

Jerry may have checked down to the day top gadgets reviews online, however others we addressed said that their records were still dynamic for a considerable length of time longer - despite the fact that they hadn't logged back in.

One client disclosed to me that they erased their record "the day the break was declared" in late September. In any case, as of the finish of January, he was all the while accepting messages that were consequently sent from his Yahoo inbox.

He disclosed to me that he hadn't signed into his record since he proceeds "to get Yahoo-started mailing list mail," he said. "This infers the Yahoo account has not been erased," he included.

When we requesting that he affirm his record was still dynamic, he revealed to me that his email address was acknowledged at the login screen.

Clients with terminated or erased records would see a mistake message saying that their records are "not perceived."

Another client disclosed to me that they thought their record was "as far as anyone knows ended" days after news of the hack broke, yet affirmed his record was still dynamic - when it ought to have shut by December.

"Since around August, I had a modest bunch of endeavored logins from South Korea and India - perhaps five or 10 of them, he said. "Yippee seemed to close out the majority of them," he included. "This record had basically nothing in it - I think 10 years old Flickr record is the main reason I had it - so I wasn't utilizing two-calculate confirmation or giving careful consideration to it by any stretch of the imagination."

As indicated by [Yahoo], my record ought to have been erased before the finish of December - however I got yet another 'surprising sign-in endeavor' email (from South Korea, of course) on Feb. 1," he said.

A postponement in shutting the record combined with an unapproved sign-in might be the reason the record has not shut.

"Why aren't they in any event putting the record into some sort of suspension mode?" the client let me know.

A third client disclosed to me that that they had likewise erased their record around the season of the September break, yet he had not signed in since. He affirmed that his record was still dynamic.

Be that as it may, another two other individuals affirmed that their records, set apart for deactivation and erasure prior in the year, had been effectively erased and were not able sign in.

It's not known how across the board the issue is or what number of are influenced.

The organization has confronted what's coming to its of terrible security features - not exclusively was it hacked on three events (in the event that you number Tumblr), but at the same time it's confronted protection issues and run-ins over national security, which prompted to an interior conflict that brought about the organization's central security officer leaving.

A Yahoo representative did not remark, but rather pointed to the organization's top gadgets reviews online security strategy, which says: "Any data that we have duplicated may stay in go down capacity for some timeframe after your erasure ask. This might be the situation despite the fact that no record data stays in our dynamic client databases."

First look: Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Posted by Jerry Hannan Friday, July 29, 2016 0 comments
First look: Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Unlike most Microsoft watchers, I haven't been installing the interim Windows 10 preview builds since last fall. Here's my first look at the Windows 10 update coming August 2.

It's a custom. Another Windows discharge, another non-analyst's audit by yours genuinely. (I call my surveys "non-commentator" ones on the grounds that not at all like some of my associates top gadgets reviews online, I don't do numerous and unquestionably don't do them as completely, with every one of the paces and sustains.)

First look: Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update - Ezy4Gadgets

I've had an opportunity to utilize the up and coming Windows 10 Anniversary Update see (the Pro form) for as long as few days. I am one of only a handful few devoted Microsoft watchers who haven't been introducing and running the 25 between time test works of this Windows 10 discharge in the course of recent months. I've just been utilizing the November overhaul (Build 1511) on my Acer S7 and other loaner gadgets since it was made accessible the previous fall. So the Anniversary Update is totally fresh out of the box new to top gadgets reviews online.

Microsoft doesn't need us to call the assemble we've been trying "RTM" (discharge to assembling) since Windows 10 is a constantly redesigned administration. Organization authorities need us to say we're utilizing the most recent review discharge.

Be that as it may, Build 14393, which analyzers got a week ago and which I introduced on a few gadgets a week ago, is viably the "Discharge to Mainstream" variant of Windows 10 1607. (Cap tip to Ali Robertson for what to rename RTM top gadgets reviews online.) The Windows 10 Anniversary Update form that Microsoft will start taking off to clients on August 2 will be this code base in addition to overhauls that Microsoft makes between a week ago and next Monday.

This discharge is the second significant element overhaul to Windows 10 since Microsoft at first presented the working framework on July 29, 2015. (The first was the fall 1511 redesign.) Microsoft isn't excited about us utilizing the old "administration/highlight pack" classification, either, yet Windows 10 Anniversary Update is fundamentally what might as well be called Windows 10 Feature Pack 2. This is a rollout of execution, unwavering quality top gadgets reviews online, bug fixes, and new component redesigns for Windows 10 that Microsoft has created since the previous fall.

First look: Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update - Ezy4Gadgets

From a shopper point of view, there are a couple of principle elements in this discharge existing Windows 10 clients will take note.

Windows Hello, Microsoft's biometric verification system, is significantly more dependable and is beginning to be incorporated into applications with this discharge. Cortana can now be utilized over the lock screen and gives more section focuses top gadgets reviews online. The implicit Edge program now bolsters expansions. Also, a devoted Windows Ink ability makes utilizing computerized pens simpler and all the more fascinating.

Give me a chance to get the pen off the beaten path from the get-go. I am not a pen client. Microsoft credited me a Surface Pro 4 with a pen so I could test drive the new Windows Ink abilities, which incorporate redesigned Sticky Notes and different applications intended to make pen utilize more instinctive.

I attempted to care, perusers. In any case, I simply would prefer require or not to utilize a pen on my PC/portable workstation. I completely comprehend specialists, understudies and some others truly need and need computerized ink/pen support. I've at long last weaned myself from utilizing pen and paper and for as far back as year-additionally top gadgets reviews online, I've been writing every one of my notes into Notepad. A computerized pen didn't win me back; I thought that it was inconvenient and discovered a portion of the guaranteed Sticky Notes usefulness untrustworthy. Your mileage may shift.

First look: Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update - Ezy4Gadgets

Cortina is getting stronger. Regardless I discover conversing with my PC, even alone and in the limits of my own home/office, unnatural. At the point when Hello is empowered and filling in as guaranteed, being "over" the lock screen is somewhat immaterial, since the lock screen doesn't stick around for long. Be that as it may, on my Acer S7, which doesn't bolster Hello, having the capacity to get climate, forthcoming gatherings (on the off chance that you choose top gadgets reviews online to turn that usefulness on), metric changes, and other essential data utilizing voice is helpful. It doesn't transform a Windows 10 PC into an Amazon Echo proportional, however it's a begin.

Edge getting augmentation backing is YUGE. I have been abstaining from utilizing Edge on my Windows 10 tablet since promotions have completely executed Edge's pace and execution for me. Advertisement blockers make Edge more aggressive with Chrome. There, I said it - notwithstanding being somebody whose employment is attached to advertisements running on sites. AdBlock and Adblock Plus aren't the main expansions accessible through the Store top gadgets reviews online: There's likewise LastPass, Amazon Assistant, Evernote and OneNote Web scissors, Pin It, Save to Pocket, and a couple of something beyond.

Notwithstanding all Microsoft's rate tests demonstrating Edge beats Chrome on execution, despite everything I don't find that to be the situation on a large number of the destinations I'm going to. In any case, with Anniversary Update, Edge is sufficient for me to utilize it as frequently top gadgets reviews online, if not all the more in this way, than Chrome. In any case, for the sorts of pursuits I do, for articles and tech data, Chrome's default web crawler, Google, still yields progressively and better results. (Redesign: As peruser Barry Wallis noted, I could change the default motor in Edge to Google and perceive how that functions. I'm distrustful given how profoundly Bing is incorporated into Cortana and Windows 10 about how well this test will go, however I'm giving it a spin.)

First look: Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update - Ezy4Gadgets

Hi now works far superior and all the more rapidly for me, which unquestionably was not the situation when Windows 10 at first was discharged. I wound up killing Hello on the Microsoft Surface Book loaner I had in light of the fact that it was all the more an irritation than an advantage top gadgets reviews online. However, with the Anniversary Update and a Surface Pro 4, Hello, while still not faultless at perceiving my face to log me in, is practical.

What's been most shocking to me with the Anniversary Update has been how much better the packaged applications and certain incorporated elements keep running with this discharge.

The implicit Windows Mail application created by Microsoft has been truly terrible. When it keeps running on the Anniversary Update, it is acceptable. The application can be stuck to the undertaking bar to show all the more rapidly the quantity of new messages top gadgets reviews online. What's more, the mail application appears to me to match up quicker and all the more naturally now, as well. I've just fiddled with the sneak peak rendition of the new Skype Universal Windows application that works with the Anniversary Update, yet it appears to be strong and usable.

The upgraded Action Center in the Anniversary Update is more valuable and unsurprising. With the before variants of Windows 10, my new and new mail messages once in a while appeared there, yet all the more frequently didn't. Presently they appear to appear there, as do different tips and data top gadgets reviews online, for example, the certainty the new Skype sneak peak is currently accessible and the consequences of my programmed examine with Windows Defender.

First look: Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update - Ezy4Gadgets

I've likewise found the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network in Windows 10 Anniversary Update to be significantly more strong than what I've been living with in the November Update.

Existing Windows 10 clients on the Current Branch and Current Branch for Business will get Windows 10 Anniversary Update eventually naturally, as that is the way the Windows 10 overhauling model works. Highlight redesigns aren't discretionary; they're required for these gatherings of clients top gadgets reviews online.

Be that as it may, the reason Microsoft needs surveys of the Anniversary Update out now, a week in front of the August 2 general accessibility date is a direct result of the approaching July 29 cut-off for the free Windows 10 overhaul offer top gadgets reviews online. After Friday, clients still on Windows 7, 8, and 8.X won't have the capacity to get Windows 10 - including the coming Anniversary discharge - as a free redesign. There won't be an augmentation to the offer.

My recommendation, subsequent to utilizing the Anniversary Update for as long as few days is any Windows 7/8.X client who is contemplating going to Windows 10, now's the time. Regardless of whether you think about Windows Ink, Cortina, or Hello, this upgrade to Windows 10 makes the working framework and the applications incorporated with it more solid and better performing top gadgets reviews online.
Vodafone loses AU$10m in EBITDA because of ACCC choice 
The ACCC's choice to cut wholesale call evaluating cost Vodafone Australia AU$10 million in EBITDA and AU$230 million in income in the course of the most recent six months.

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) 50 percent proprietor Hutchison Telecoms has reported the telco had income before interest, expense, deterioration, and amortization (EBITDA) of AU$412 million for the initial six months of the monetary year - a 7.7 percent expansion from the AU$382.4 million reported for top gadgets reviews online FY15, however AU$10 million not exactly expected off the back of the choice made by the controller to cut wholesale evaluating for calls.

The information transfers transporter likewise recorded a net loss of AU$137.2 million, which denoted an AU$46.4 million change on top gadgets reviews online the AU$183.6 million misfortune reported for FY15.

All out income for the half-year remained at AU$1.6 billion, a 9.7 percent year-on-year diminish from a year ago's AU$1.77 billion. Income would have expanded by 4.5 percent, or AU$230 million over the half, were it not for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) choice, Hutchison said.

Vodafone loses AU$10m in EBITDA because of ACCC choice - Ezy4Gadgets

The ACCC in October a year ago settled on the choice to cut the value telcos can charge each other and altered line system administrators for top gadgets reviews online calls by more than half, from 3.6 pennies for every moment down to 1.7 pennies. Telstra has hailed that the ACCC determination will likewise influence its FY16 income.

Net normal income per client (ARPU) for Vodafone was AU$41.72, a decay of AU$3.83 from a year ago's AU$45.55, while gross ARPU, which checks handset reimbursements on post-paid arrangements, diminished by somewhat less - from AU$51.32 down to AU$49.11.

Vodafone reported an aggregate system client base of 5.494 million, up 4.5 percent from the 5.255 million reported a year ago: Post-paid clients totaled 3.307 million, up by 4.2 percent or 132,000 clients; prepaid clients numbered 1.679 million, around 0.4 percent or 6,000 clients; and MVNO clients achieved 508,000, up by 28.6 percent or 113,000 clients, the remainder of which VHA ascribed to TPG clients moving from Optus' system top gadgets reviews online to Vodafone's.

VHA CFO James Marsh said that Vodafone saw a 62 percent year on year increment in information development, and solid uptake of its AU$5 worldwide wandering arrangements, which thus enhanced income regardless of Vodafone's choice toward the begin of the year to dump meandering expenses for clients venturing out to New Zealand.

"VHA's Red arrangements keep on being mainstream, with items, for example, AU$5 Roaming and our AU$0 wandering trial in New Zealand a driver of new associations top gadgets reviews online, restorations, and redesigns," Marsh said.

The CFO additionally ascribed Vodafone's monetary accomplishment to the unwavering quality of the system, which it is insisting with a 30-day cash back system fulfillment ensure, and its late interest in its center system.

Vodafone's 4G system covers 95.3 percent of the Australian populace, or 23 million individuals - a 40 percent ascend in its system size in the course of recent years - with the Telco in May reporting that it will burn through AU$9 million on developing 32 new portable base stations in provincial top gadgets reviews online zones.

It additionally obtained AU$68 million worth of 1800MHz range prior this year; reframed its 850MHz range band to convey scope to local and metropolitan Queensland, New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory; and proposed to the Australian government that it be allowed to pay AU$594.3 million for 2x 10MHz in the 700MHz range band that was unsold in the 2013 closeout.

The telco's support in the Australian government's portable blackspots program has additionally seen it fabricate 70 base stations as a component of cycle one, with arrangements to take parts in the second and third adjusts top gadgets reviews online.

The Australian Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) uncovered on Thursday that purchaser grumblings about VHA have again diminished, around 39.68 percent year on year, from 6.3 new dissensions for each 10,000 administrations in operation to only 3.8, in spite of the fact that up somewhat from the 3.7 reported last quarter.

Vodafone loses AU$10m in EBITDA because of ACCC choice - Ezy4Gadgets

"We're extremely glad for our quick, dependable system, straightforward items, and elevated requirement of client administration, so it's satisfying to see Vodafone again has the most minimal level of grievances to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman of the system administrators top gadgets reviews online. This is the final quarter in succession," a Vodafone representative said in an announcement on Thursday.

"Over late years, Vodafone has accomplished an unprecedented turnaround. This change is reflected in various industry benchmarks, including Vodafone's status as the minimum grumbled about versatile telco for as far back as 12 months.

"Our proportion of 3.8 protests for each 10,000 administrations in operation for the June 2016 quarter is 40 percent lower than the business normal, and speaks to a 73 percent lessening on the top gadgets reviews online same quarter in 2014."

As far as portable piece of the overall industry, expert firm Kantar reported VHA as being around 0.5 rate focuses to hold 15.2 percent all out versatile piece of the overall industry top gadgets reviews online; around 1.2 rate focuses to hold 14.2 percent of the prepaid part; up by 0.6 rate focuses to hold 17.1 percent of the post-paid market; and around 1.6 to hold 10.4 percent of the no-agreement fragment.

Xiaomi enters laptop market with Mi Notebook Air

Posted by Jerry Hannan Thursday, July 28, 2016 0 comments
Xiaomi enters laptop market with Mi Notebook Air
It would appear that an Apple scratch pad, and it's named like one, however the Mi runs Windows and will be less expensive, beginning at generally $525. Two setups will start dispatching not long from now in China - yet will they ever be accessible somewhere else?

A brisk Google look for "Xiaomi" and "Apple" gives an insight at how the Chinese producer is seen contrasted with the U.S. tech mammoth: "Xiaomi Apple clone," "Xiaomi Apple copycat," and "Xiaomi Apple sham" are connected looks that are recommended for clients looking for additional data. With its first portable PC, Xiaomi isn't prone to shed those affiliations at top gadgets review online any point in the near future.

Xiaomi enters laptop market with Mi Notebook Air - Ezy4Gadgets

The organization has quite recently reported the since a long time ago supposed framework, which it has not really bashfully named the Mi Notebook Air. In the event that that sounds somewhat like Apple's MacBook Air, then a speedy take a gander at the portable workstation will leave little uncertainty from top gadgets review online where Xiaomi has assembled motivation for the Mi (which carries on the organization's Mi image from its Apple iPhone 6 Plus contender, the Mi Note). While it offers a 12.5-inch adaptation rather than a 11-inch model, both that design and the 13.3-inch release are plainly obliged to the MacBook thin-and-light tasteful, weighing under 3 pounds and measuring under 0.6 creeps thick.

Obviously, as with its cell phones, Xiaomi can "acquire" the looks from Apple top gadgets review online, yet can't put its product on them. The Mi Notebook Air along these lines ships with Windows 10, and has fair specs to run it. The littler Mi utilizes an Intel Core m3 processor, 4 gigs of RAM, and a 128GB strong state drive, while its 13.3-inch kin highlights a Core i5-6200U CPU, twofold the RAM and capacity, and a Nvidia GeForce 940MX illustrations. The 12.5-inch Mi eeks out more battery life, be that as it may: 11.5 hours contrasted with 9.5 hours for the 13.3-inch Mi.

Xiaomi enters laptop market with Mi Notebook Air - Ezy4Gadgets

The one noteworthy contrast amongst Xiaomi and Apple's items is cost. Because of its spending well disposed offerings, Xiaomi is a pioneer in the Chinese telephone market, and seemingly constrained Apple to make the financial plan iPhone 5c. In like manner, the Mi Notebook Air models undercut MacBook costs, with the 12.5-inch adaptation coming in at top gadgets review online generally $525 and the 13.3-inch flavor beginning at $750. Note that these are approximations, as the organization will discharge these new portable workstations just in China starting on August 2.

While it's not feasible that Xiaomi could convey the Mi Notebook to different markets, there are no arrangements to offer it in ranges past China. The organization sells a few items in the U.S., like earphones and set-top boxes, however not its telephones top gadgets review online. Wary of claims in nations that are less tolerant of patent encroachment, Xiaomi could settle on the same choice with its tablets, however there will presumably be approaches to fare them from Asia. Look at our sister site CNET's hands-on involvement with the Notebook Air in the event that you need to see top gadgets review online what may miss from our shores.

Samsung Electronics saw its second quarter profit rise 18 percent from a year ago to 8.14 trillion won ($7.23 billion), continuing its high of the first quarter thanks to a return to form of its mobile division.

The mobile division posted operating profits of 4.32 trillion won ($3.82 billion), higher than its two year-high of 3.89 trillion won of the previous quarter, thanks to strong sales of the flagship Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

The pricier Edge model accounted for over 50 percent of the S7 series and profitability of mid-tier models such as the Galaxy A and J remained similar to the previous quarter, Samsung said, which helped improve profits.

Demand for smartphones and tablets in the second half will rise, but the competition will also become fiercer, the company added top gadgets review online.

Samsung mobile profit continues its rise for Q2 - Ezy4Gadgets

Unlike in the first half where the S7 series had no level challenger, Apple is expected to launch its next iPhone in September, clashing directly will the upcoming Galaxy Note 4, which may divide consumers. Chinese vendors are also to launch new phones in their home country that will challenge the Korean firm there.

Samsung said it expects to increase shipment in the next quarter but profitability will be affected by higher marketing costs due to fiercer competition. Strong sales of its flagship models and the launch of its China-only Galaxy C model will increase shipment, the company said top gadgets review online.

The company is expected to launch the dual-edged Galaxy Note 7 next month, which, according to mobile boss DJ Koh, also has improved software.

The mobile division's network business saw its LTE business profit rise, and it expects to win more orders in the third quarter, the company said. Samsung recently rolled out a IoT-dedicated network with compatriot SK Telecom in South Korea.

Samsung mobile profit continues its rise for Q2 - Ezy4Gadgets

Samsung said it also invested 4.2 trillion won facilities: 2 trillion won for semiconductors and 1.6 trillion won for displays. A total of 8.8 trillion won for the first half was spent. The company said it expects the year's total to increase slightly year-on-year top gadgets review online. It also expects demand for its small-sized OLED and V-NAND solid-state drives (SDD) to see a huge increase next year.

Although not officially confirmed by the South Korean tech giant, reports claimed it will be increasing OLED panel production to meet demand for Apple's iPhone next year, adapting the technology for the first time in a future model.

For this year, it expects flexible OLED demand will increase, which it supplies to its own Note 7's dual-edge, as well as Chinese buyers.

The semiconductor division posted operating profits of 2.64 trillion won, a decline from last year's 3.87 trillion won but an increase from previous quarter's 2.33 trillion won.

Despite the year-on-year fall, the profit is relatively high compared to rivals SK Hynix and Micron, as DRAM prices are negatively affected by declining computing demand.

Samsung said rising demand from mobile and SSDs and cost cutting helped the "solid profits". Expanding supply of 48-stack V-NAND and NANDs for high-capacity SSD and servers led the growth top gadgets review online.

Profits will continue to increase in the second half, it said, backed by higher density NANDs and its "mature" 20-nanometer DRAMs.

Samsung mobile profit continues its rise for Q2 - Ezy4Gadgets

For processors, demand for 14-nanoameter mobile application processors increased as well as image sensors.

Samsung will continue to diversify its client portfolio, it said. It clinched back Qualcomm as a client and has been winning more Chinese clients in recent years.

Its consumer electronics division posted a surprise operating profit of 1.03 trillion won -- over double that of last year's 510 billion won -- despite lowered demand for premium TVs in developed markets such as Europe and the US.

The upcoming Olympic Games in Brazil likely helped top gadgets review online, as well as its improved yield rate for quantum dot LCD TVs.

Samsung Pay, the firm's mobile payment service, was recently launched in the Latin America country ahead of the Games.

Lenovo Australia launches PC-as-a-Service

Posted by Jerry Hannan Friday, May 13, 2016 0 comments
Lenovo Australia dispatches PC-as-a-Service 
Lenovo Australia has propelled Lenovo PC-as-a-Service, which gives associations a completely oversaw month to month lease-like administration for desktops, portable workstations, and tablet top gadgets reviews online

Lenovo Australia has on Thursday propelled PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS), a month to month lease-like offering that consolidates both equipment and administrations, including setup, organization, resource administration, recuperation, and invigorate. 

PCaaS spreads Lenovo's desktops, portable workstations, and tablet top gadgets reviews online which the organization or its channel accomplices will design, send, and bolster for the lifecycle of the top gadgets reviews online. 

Lenovo Australia launches PC-as-a-Service - Ezy4Gadgets

"Furnishing an association with an armada of desktops, portable workstations, and tablets comes as an enormous capital use for organizations and frequently have unexpected expenses," Lenovo ANZ overseeing executive Matt Codrington said. 

Lenovo's PCaaS is based off a 36-month lifecycle and associations in Australia can pick out of the organization's completely overseen arrangement or somewhat overseen arrangement. 

Not long ago, Codrington told ZDNet that in spite of expanding rivalry, Lenovo is centered around making proceeded with speculations to develop top gadgets reviews online its piece of the overall industry and position in the Australian business sector. 

As indicated by Codrington, while business gadgets are advancing to provide food for the portable workforce, the PC is still a "foundational" instrument for the workplace and business, and that the PC business sector is still a $230 billion business sector. 

With an innovative work spending plan north of $1.2 billion for 2016, the provincial overseeing chief said Lenovo is resolved to convey results top gadgets reviews online over its expansive portfolio. He said Lenovo's achievement in the PC market has been because of its capacity to scale the business' "broadness and profundity of items". 

A year ago, Lenovo wound up in boiling point water over the preloading of Superfish adware on its shopper line of tablets. 

Lenovo Australia launches PC-as-a-Service - Ezy4Gadgets

Lenovo's overhaul programming was then discovered helpless in May a year ago. 

Talking at the Consumer Electronics Show prior this year, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing said the organization has subsequent to attempted to get it together top gadgets reviews online. 

  • "Certainly we committed an error," he said. "After that, we will give a more sheltered item to our clients, regardless of on the off chance that it is business clients or shopper clients. 
  • "We won't pre-introduce outsider programming, just working framework and Lenovo programming." 

It was uncovered recently that a security helplessness had been found in the Lenovo Security Center programming that is introduced on practically every Lenovo note pad, tablet, and PC. 

The product, otherwise called bloatware, comes introduced as standard on ThinkPads, ThinkPad tablets, ThinkCenter, ThinkStation, IdeaCenter, and some IdeaPads that are running Windows 7 and later. 

Security firm Trustwave found that a programmer could run malware at a framework wide level, regardless of the top gadgets reviews online possibility that the application does not have all the earmarks of being running. Lenovo fixed the product after points of interest of the defenselessness were revealed.
Microsoft's new Windows 10 review: Real-time notices, expansions for Edge, Skype dim topic 
Microsoft's most recent Windows 10 sneak peak conveys dim subjects to Skype, and a large group of new expansions, including prevalent advertisement blockers. 

Microsoft's Insider Preview work of Windows 10 brings a huge amount of bug fixes and highlight redesigns for Edge, Ubuntu, Skype, and the sky is the limit from there. 

The most recent Fast Ring adaptation of the Windows 10 Insider Preview, fabricate number 14342, permits clients to introduce Edge expansions straightforwardly from the Windows Store, instead of side-stacking them from a nearby organizer top gadgets reviews online. 

Microsoft's new Windows 10 preview: Real-time notifications, extensions for Edge, Skype dark theme - Ezy4Gadgets

Gabe Aul, corporate VP of Microsoft's designing frameworks group, highlighted in a blogpost that this manufacture will permit clients to introduce AdBlock and Adblock Plus from the Windows Store. 

The advertisement blockers hit the Windows Store not long ago, however for the time being they just work in Edge on the Windows 10 Preview and will touch base as a feature of  top gadgets reviews online the Anniversary Update booked for discharge to the Current Branch of Windows 10 this late spring. 

Other new Edge expansions accessible from the Store incorporate Pin It Button, Mouse Gestures, Reddit Enhancement Suite, Microsoft Translator, and OneNote Web Clipper. 

The redesign will expel right now introduced augmentations, which should be reinstalled from the Store. Picked expansions will consequently be reinstalled in future Windows 10 overhauls. 

Microsoft's new Windows 10 preview: Real-time notifications, extensions for Edge, Skype dark theme - Ezy4Gadgets

This upgrade likewise conveys ongoing web notices to Edge top gadgets reviews online, permitting "taking part sites" to send application like notices to the Windows Action Center. 

One site that backings this component is Skype for the Web. Tapping on a warning from Skype for the Web will take the client to Edge at the webpage that sent it. Aul takes note of that clients do have consent controls for this element. 

The Skype Universal Windows Platform (UWP) sneak peak application now highlights a dull subject and can be utilized to switch between various Skype accounts top gadgets reviews online. Another dull mode has additionally been added to the User Account Control discourse box. 

In the mean time, Microsoft has folded under solicitations to bring back the swipe signal in Edge to explore back and forward. The following Windows 10 Mobile form will likewise have the component. 

Microsoft's new Windows 10 preview: Real-time notifications, extensions for Edge, Skype dark theme - Ezy4Gadgets

"It's additionally been one of our main 10 demands on PC. With this assemble, you can now swipe from anyplace on the page top gadgets reviews online to return to your past page," Aul said. 

There's additionally another setting that will permit clients to choose which sites sidetrack to an application. No applications really bolster this element yet Microsoft has moved it out in planning for such applications. 

Aul records 25 bug fixes in this construct and highlights a couple of outstanding remaining bugs, for example top gadgets reviews online, machines running Symantec's Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security encountering a blue screen of death.
Android deals surge - to the detriment of Windows Phone and iOS
Be that as it may, can the iPhone SE turn the tide for Apple? 

Android has kept on developing to the detriment of adversary cell phone working frameworks iOS and Windows Phone. 

Information from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech for the three months finishing March 2016 has Android keeping on developing deals gadgets reviews online over the US and China, and additionally UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. 

In the US, Android piece of the pie grew 7.3 rate focuses to 65.5 percent, while iOS piece of the pie declined from 36.5 percent to 31.6 percent, and Windows Phone dropped from 4.3 to 2.7 percent. In China, Android deals bounced to 77.7 percent; iOS dropped from 26.1 to 21.1 percent. 

Android deals surge - to the detriment of Windows Phone and iOS - Ezy4Gadgets

Over the five European nations reviewed, iOS piece of the overall industry likewise declined from 20.2 percent to 18.9 percent in the three month time frame, and Windows Phone dropped from 9.9 percent to only 4.9 percent of cell phone deals in the area top gadgets reviews online. 

The specialists said in Europe 6.6 percent of new Android clients originated from Windows, contrasted with 3.3 percent who were changing from iOS. Among new iOS purchasers, 2.6 percent relocated from Windows. 

"For those changing from Windows, Android has offered a superior client experience, with an assortment of brands and models over a huge number of value focuses," said Dominic Sunnebo, specialty unit chief for Kantar Worldpanel ComTech Europe. 

Android deals surge - to the detriment of Windows Phone and iOS - Ezy4Gadgets

In Italy and France - the most grounded Windows Phone markets for a period - Windows piece of the overall industry dropped by 10 percent in the three months finishing March 2016, with previous Windows Phone fans deciding on brands like Huawei, Wiko, and Asus. These producers won over purchasers with "mid-range top gadgets reviews online that speak to great worth for the cash," the examiner said. Conversely in the UK, Android development was still overwhelmed by Samsung and was essentially determined by mid-range top gadgets reviews online like the J5 and A5.