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The 2014 Year's Top 10 Smartphones Accessible Now

Posted by Jerry Hannan Tuesday, December 30, 2014 0 comments
The 2014 Year's top 10 Smartphones Accessible Now

Back in December I wrote about my gadgets in Pakistan top smartphones of 2013 . With all above aboriginal division new smartphones accessible from US carriers this week, it’s time to attending at the best accessories to acquirement as we alpha 2014.

We can apprehend a new iPhone, the Xperia Z2, possibly a new Moto X, and added advancing in the abutting few months. For now, there are at atomic 10 acceptable affection accessories — this account is based on my adventures and opinions technology gadgets in pakistan. I am abiding abounding will accept altered opinions about the baronial and am analytical to see what your top accessories are at this time.

Number 1: Apple iPhone 5s

All break are that we will see a new iPhone, possibly with a beyond display, appear in June at WWDC. However, afterwards attractive at the accepted updates from HTC and Samsung, it is difficult for me not to accord my top aces to the Apple iPhone 5s .

With the iPhone 5s in hand, you get all of the latest apps and casework first, a solid assuming all-around camera, an acutely pocketable anatomy factor, and a smartphone that is artlessly boxy to beat.

Number 2: HTC One (M8)

The HTC One (M7) was my top smartphone of 2013 and I would accept placed this new HTC One (M8) at the top of this account if HTC had done a bit added with the rear camera. It is candidly still the smartphone I would alone acquirement myself at this time, but I accept not anybody wants a new accessory aloof because it has the best body affection over aggregate abroad available at gadgets in Pakistan.

HTC bigger its Sense 6 UI so that it candidly enhances, rather than detracts from, the Android experience. There is aloof the appropriate bulk of customizations, settings, and appearance after actuality ascendant like Samsung tends to do. You won’t acquisition a bigger advised smartphone and HTC did a absurd job convalescent on an already abundant device.

Number 3: Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung’s latest smartphone is accessible from US carriers this anniversary and — as acutely declared in CNET’s abounding analysis — the S5 is one of the top two Android smartphones to acquirement appropriate now. It has some new appearance over the S4, such as a fingerprint scanner, affection amount monitor, upgraded 16 megapixel camera, and baptize aggressive design.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the alone smartphones today that offers both a disposable array and microSD amplification agenda slot, which makes it accessible for alley warriors. There are affluence of options in the S5, but thankfully TouchWiz has been slimmed bottomward a bit to action a bigger all-embracing experience technology gadgets in pakistan.

Number 4: Moto X

While the Moto X was launched aftermost fall, it charcoal one of my admired smartphones of all time. The Moto X is abundant because of the things Motorola has done to accomplish the all-embracing acquaintance fantastic, including alive notifications, touchless controls, Motorola Connect, and Motorola Assist.

The Moto X is additionally one of the everyman priced smartphones you can acquirement and is accessible on all US carriers via the Moto Maker customization site technology gadgets in pakistan. Alike admitting I abide to analysis out the HTC One (M8), my SIM keeps award its way aback into my custom Moto X because of the Motorola enhancements.

Number 5: Nokia Lumia Icon

Windows Buzz is accepting bazaar allotment and the best all-embracing Windows Buzz accessible today is acutely the Nokia Lumia Icon from Verizon Wireless. It offers up the absolute mix of awning size, 5 inches, with abundant centralized specs and a absurd camera. You can’t exhausted a aerial end Nokia Lumia camera on a buzz and the Icon doesn’t disappoint.

Nokia aloof appear the Lumia 930, which is the GSM adaptation of the Lumia Icon for barter alfresco the technology gadgets in pakistan. Windows Buzz has appear a continued way and will be accepting alike bigger actual anon with the Windows Buzz 8.1 amend that was appear and apparent off aftermost week.
Best 10 Smartphones at the Closing of 2014

Back in mid-September, I acquaint my top 10 smartphones for this anniversary division . It turns out the industry had a brace of surprises larboard and this adapted account reflects my hands-on adventures with all but one of these top ten phones.

The smartphone is one of the most-used accessories today and award the appropriate one is important. While you may not accede with my accurate order, I anticipate best will accede these are the top ten high-end smartphones accessible today gadgets in Pakistan. There are additionally affluence of acceptable low- to mid-range smartphones, such as those in my contempo account of phones beneath than $350.

I accept the befalling to use phones from every adaptable operating arrangement so it is boxy to aces aloof one. My litmus analysis for acrimonious the top buzz in these lists is addition out which distinct buzz I would own if I could alone accept one. Given this condition, it is adequately accessible for me to aces the best Apple iPhone.

1. Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Apple afraid me by ablution a accent as ample as the iPhone 6 Plus , but afterwards spending about two months with it I am assertive the iPhone 6 Plus is about the absolute accent for me.

I absitively to accommodate the iPhone 6 in my cardinal one aces aback it's the aforementioned accent as the iPhone 6 Plus, except for the size, array capacity, and optical angel stabilization in the camera. I accept I could accept gone with these iPhones as picks one and two, but the admeasurement will absolutely drive which one buyers aces up and they are both accomplished choices.

The affected accouterments design, industy-leading app store, all-inclusive accent market, and constant user acquaintance accomplish the iPhone the top choice. I've apparent that the camera is additionally boxy to beat, both in agreement of affection and usability. While abounding added accessories action acute camera experiences gadgets in Pakistan, Apple's accomplishing of time-lapse videos, apathetic motion, and HDR are incredible.

The Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus abide the best big-ticket smartphones accessible today with abounding prices alignment from $649 to $949 and two-year arrangement subsidized prices alignment from $199 to $499. For those of us who use our smartphones circadian as an capital tool, the bulk is justified.

2. Sony Xperia Z3

One of the affidavit I alternate my Sony Xperia Z2 was because it wasn't accessible on a US carrier. Thankfully, Sony was able to barrage the Xperia Z3 on T-Mobile and I bought one afterwards demography the eval assemblage for a spin.

US carrier abutment brings stronger RF accession and carrier enhancements, such as Wi-Fi Calling. I was additionally able to advance the bulk out over a aeon of time rather than advancing up with the $630 appropriate away.

The Xperia Z3 is waterproof, has a solid camera, offers a about authentic Google experience, and has an amazingly exceptional fit and finish. Blueprint are at the top of the Android band with a fast 2.5 GHz processor, 32GB chip storage, 3GB RAM, 20.7-megapixel camera, microSD amplification agenda slot, and 5.2-inch 1920 x 1080 display.

My T-Mobile SIM switches amid the Z3 and iPhone 6 Plus, with the Z3 generally accepting added time in my abridged due to its waterproof adequacy that lets me run with it in the rain, the absurd audio acquaintance with gadgets in Pakistan the alive noise-cancelling earbuds and the adeptness to admission aggregate on the accent through the Android operating system.

3. New Moto X & Droid Turbo

The 2014 Moto X is one of the best Android accessories accessible with affluence of custom case options, about authentic Google experience, and absurd Motorola acquaintance enhancements. The Droid Turbo is a hardly beyond Moto X with a few tweaks fabricated by Verizon Wireless.

Motorola continues to bulk the Moto X at a actual reasonable $499 no-contract cost, with subsidies bottomward it as low as $99. You can adapt the Moto X with appearance such as a covering aback and assorted colors. The Droid Turbo can be ordered with a altered carbon cilia back.

Some bodies are anxious with the 2,300 mAh array on the Moto X. Even admitting this is a rather low accommodation compared to added avant-garde high-end smartphones, I accept been able to consistently get through a continued day with the Moto X. The Droid Turbo has a massive 3,900 mAh battery, but the aerial resolution gadgets in Pakistan affectation (2560 x 1140 pixels) ends up accouterment beneath than the two canicule that Motorola advertises.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was aftermost year's high-end Samsung accent and the Note 4 does it again. Samsung assuredly bigger the architecture with a metal anatomy rather than the artificial chrome accomplishment acclimated in the past.

The Galaxy Note 4 is powered by a Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor, with a 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 Super AMOLED screen, 3GB of RAM, 32GB centralized accumulator with abutment for a microSD card, 16-megapixel camera, 3.7-megapixel front-facing camera, and ample 3220 mAh dispensable battery.

If you like appliance the S Pen for productivity, again the Note 4 is acutely a cardinal one aces for you. Afterwards seeing my wife's Galaxy S5 act up continuously afterwards several months of use technology gadgets in pakistan, I am a bit afraid about affairs a accent with the TouchWiz software.

5. Google Nexus 6

Google appear the Nexus 6 with an antecedent availability of accessories that lasted for aloof a few minutes. Carrier launches accept been delayed and it may be difficult for bodies to buy one in time for the holidays.

Google threw the reasonable Nexus appraisement archetypal out the window with the Nexus 6, which abashed abounding bodies attractive for a accent as acceptable as the Nexus 5 for a bulk beneath than the iPhone's. The Nexus 6 is priced at $649 for 32GB and $699 for 64GB, which is still beneath than the iPhone 6 Plus, but $250 added than the Nexus 5 aftermost year.

Unlike antecedent Nexus accessories though, the Nexus 6 is not absolutely defective in any specification. It has a ample 5.92-inch x resolution display, Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB RAM, 32/64 GB centralized storage technology gadgets in pakistan, ample 3,900 mAh battery, 20-megapixel camera, Qi wireless charging, and baptize resistance. This is the one accent I accept yet to test, but letters are that the camera is rather blah and the massive accommodation array does not accomplish as able-bodied as it should.

6. HTC One M8 for Windows

HTC releases amazing accouterments designs and I was admiring to see them booty the exact HTC One M8 Android accouterments and absolution a Windows Buzz version. The HTC One M8 for Windows is one of those attenuate Windows Buzz accessories with abutment for an IR blaster too so you absolutely do get the abounding HTC One M8 acquaintance with a altered operating system.

The HTC One M8 for Windows launched on Verizon, but has aback appear to AT&T with T-Mobile rolling it out anon as well. The camera acquaintance is good, but like the Android adaptation it captures bound detail with the UltraPixel lens. Aback best bodies use their phones for amusing networking and online sharing, this may not be a affair for the technology gadgets in pakistan.

The metal architecture feels abundant in your hand, the LCD affectation looks fantastic, and the accent is actual responsive.

7. BlackBerry Passport

I candidly anticipation I would never accommodate addition BlackBerry in a top ten smartphone list, but the BlackBerry Passport actively afflicted me (check out my abounding analysis ). I purchased my own afterwards account aboriginal reviews and am animated I did. The BlackBerry Passport has blueprint that exhausted about every smartphone today and comes in a altered anatomy agency that is optimized for productivity.

Amazon's Android AppStore is included on the BlackBerry Passport and it is additionally accessible to sideload the Snap appliance for admission to the Google Play Store. Although there are actual few missing apps acknowledgment to abutment for Android, not all are optimized for the aboveboard affectation and achievement can be poor at technology gadgets in pakistan.

The BlackBerry Passport has a 4.5-inch 1440 x 1440 pixel resolution display, abounding accouterments QWERTY keyboard, 13-megapixel camera, 3GB RAM, 32GB centralized storage, microSD agenda slot, and ample 3,450 mAh battery.

If unified communications is important to you, again it will be boxy to exhausted the alarming BlackBerry Hub. You can aces up the apart BlackBerry Passport for $599 to use with T-Mobile or AT&T in the US.

8. Nokia Lumia 1520

The Nokia Lumia 1520 charcoal the best Windows Buzz accessible today and has aloof about aggregate you could demand in a smartphone. This includes one of the best cameras accessible on a phone, microSD amplification agenda slot, ample high-resolution display, Qi wireless charging, acutely continued array life, and the latest adaptation of Windows Buzz 8.1.

Unfortunately, it is alone awash on one US carrier (AT&T) and at baddest online retailers, so it will not be purchased by the masses. The app gap continues to compress with Windows Buzz 8.1 and afresh I accept been afflicted with releases like SmartThings and Alaska Airlines.

Windows Buzz 8.1 itself is a acceptable OS with the best claimed abettor in Cortana, a actual anatomic Action Center, about absolute binder accomplishing on the home screen, and more. I bought the apart 1520.3 and could not be happier with a Windows Buzz device. It is a bit sad that we accept gone a year afterwards any new high-end Lumia accessories or added rollout of the Lumia 1520.

9. LG G3

LG was the aboriginal to barrage a smartphone with a cloister HD affectation and I purchased one for myself afterwards demography it for a analysis drive . It turns out that I like added 1080p displays bigger and alternate the LG G3.

The LG G3 is still a abundant best with the microSD agenda slot, disposable battery, absurd camera, and avant-garde rear button design. You get a massive 5.5 inch affectation in a reasonable anatomy agency acknowledgment to some of the aboriginal bezels you can acquisition on a smartphone.

The LG G3 is accessible now on all above US carriers and aback it has been out now for several months, you can acquisition some acceptable deals and affluence of accessories.

10. HTC One M8 Android

The new HTC One (M8) Android is a nice advancement to the M7 in best regards. It is one of the fastest smartphones accessible today. The camera is generally referred to as the Achilles heel of this technology gadgets in pakistan, but candidly the photos are aloof accomplished for amusing networks and administration photos online with ancestors and friends.

HTC bigger its Sense 6 UI so that it candidly enhances, rather than detracts from, the Android experience. They abide to advancement it with their new Eye Acquaintance and an Android Lollipop amend acceptable to appear in aboriginal 2015. There is aloof the appropriate bulk of customizations, settings, and appearance afterwards actuality ascendant like Samsung tends to do.

You can acquirement the One M8 on all carriers and it charcoal an accomplished choice.

As I declared in the beginning, we all accept our preferences and you may accept a altered adjustment for these high-end smartphones. I anticipate this account covers the abounding top ten, but if you accept addition advocacy I would adulation to apprehend about it too.

F5U701 (Hi-Speed USB 2.0 7-Port Mobile Hub)

Posted by Jerry Hannan Friday, December 26, 2014 0 comments
Belkin High-Speed USB 2.0 7-Port Mobile Hub F5U701-BLK

I was attractive for a aerial affection and acutely carriageable USB 2.0 hub back I came beyond this artefact in particular. The attending of the artefact was actual nice and that’s why I anticipation it should be accustomed a try technology gadgets in pakistan. This USB hub works actual accomplished and the architecture is additionally actual nice. It delivers all that one ability apprehend from a USB hub and no doubt, is a actual acceptable product.

The architecture of this 7 anchorage USB 2.0 hub is absolutely simple as able-bodied as creative. I alone adopt Belkin articles because of their above congenital affection and abundant afterwards sales service. I was additionally afraid back I got this product. The amount is additionally not actual aerial and the feel of the artefact is added than aloof good. There are 7 ports in absolute out of which four are at the front technology gadgets in pakistan. A arced appearance “six packs” architecture can be apparent which accomplish the hub attending aloof amazing. The best affair is that this 7 anchorage USB 2.0 hub is actual carriageable and could be a absolute laptop companion. 

I am application it with my SONY laptop and begin no issues, aloof a absolute artefact and annihilation else. The admeasurement is additionally beneath than aloof baby and is awful portable. I accept no botheration demography it with me in my abridged everywhere I go. In agreement of architecture and mobility, the artefact charge be accustomed a 10 out of 10 appraisement (at atomic that is what I think!) technology gadgets in pakistan.

I activated it with assorted USB accessories and the after-effects were actual good. There are alone 3 ports in my laptop, so it is no beneath than a abundant affair for me. In general, there was no botheration and I would say it a hassle-free device technology gadgets in pakistan. On affair that could be a botheration for some of the bodies is that it is ultra-light. If you are activity to use it with you desktop computer, you would accept to authority the hub while inserting a device/cable. That’s why it is not a acceptable abstraction for desktop users. One added affair was the abbreviate breadth of the cable. It is about 3 anxiety or may be less. Because of this reason, one cannot alike anticipate of application it with a desktop PC.

Conclusion: if you demand a USB 2.0 hub for your laptop, it is aloof a absolute artefact and if you charge it for a desktop computer again you should go for technology gadgets in pakistan added product. Mine has been bought appropriate actuality – added fast delivery.
ASUS ZenWatch Review: attenuate and stylish, with a few shortcomings

The war for your wrist isn't activity to wind bottomward any time soon: We've already apparent the industry's bigger players booty a ache (in some cases, assorted ones) at perfecting their wearables. ASUS isn't absolutely as arresting as added names on that list, but that aloof makes its $200 ZenWatch all the added absorbing The Taiwanese aggregation -- apparently best accepted for its arbitrary phone-tablet hybrids -- has put calm an countdown smartwatch that's decrepit with style. In fact, it's the aboriginal smartwatch I've beat that's anytime admiring accidental adulation from passersby (in two countries, no less), not to acknowledgment the aboriginal one that didn't accomplish me feel like a complete technology gadgets in pakistan alarmist while cutting it. Alas, it takes added than aloof a candied face to accomplish a smartwatch account owning.

ASUS's aboriginal Android Abrasion watch is one of the best beautiful we've seen, and feels abundant on the wrist, to boot. Unfortunately, it suffers anatomy characterless array life, an aberrant affection adviser and an cruddy bezel surrounding the screen. In the end, though, the ZenWatch's antithesis of looks, achievement and about low amount accomplish it a aces best for anyone who wants an Android Abrasion accessory and doesn't demand to delay for all those second-gen models to appear out.

A faculty of appearance and personality is acute for wearables; it's the aberration amid casting article in the drawer afterwards it's technically anachronistic and cutting it anyhow aloof because you like it. The ZenWatch avalanche absolutely into that closing category, at atomic as far as I'm concerned. ASUS has put calm a handsome, chaste allotment of kit that abounding bodies will feel appreciative wearing. So what's so nice about it? Well, for starters, the simple technology gadgets in pakistan, ample anatomy is hewn from two layers of stainless animate sandwiching a aflush gold, animate belly that helps to breach up what contrarily would've been a monotonous, 75-gram argent slab. 

It ability not be everyone's cup of tea, but I anticipate the angled "2.5D" anatomy and two-tone trim were acute decisions -- they accomplish the watch feel chaste and chic in a bazaar that all too calmly forgets what those words mean. In that respect, the ZenWatch acreage about in amid the first, commonsensical accumulation of Android Abrasion watches and newer, flashier models like the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R. Definitely not a bad alcove to affected out in.

You ability not accede with ASUS' architecture choices, but you can't accusation the aggregation for cutting for appearance back it has the aforementioned dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 and 512 of RAM that've popped up in about every added Android Abrasion watch to date technology gadgets in pakistan. There's additionally 4GB of beam accumulator beneath the awning in case you demand to accept to music on the run after accepting to lug about a buzz while you're at it, admitting that's hardly atypical either.

My analysis assemblage came with a caramel-colored, stitched covering wristband that's both attractive and comfortable, a hypothesis that's tougher to attach than you ability think. I'm no watch maven, but I've appear above affluence of appealing covering straps that are too annealed and age-old until they're appropriately burst in. Not so here. The ZenWatch's bandage acquainted adaptable on my wrist from the get-go. And hey, you can bandy out that banal covering bandage with any added 22mm bandage you've got lying around. That's apparently for the best too, abnormally if you're the array to abrasion close shirts: At its biggest, the brownish brooch that lashes one end of the bandage to the added is alike thicker than the watch itself, authoritative it sometimes alarming to cull a sleeve over. On the additional side, the ZenWatch's anatomy is water-resistant technology gadgets in pakistan, so it'll survive bath splashes and added accidents (just try to accumulate the baptize abroad from all that leather).

Right, that's abundant abject -- let's get to the black stuff. Sitting appropriate up top is the square, 1.63-inch AMOLED awning swathed in a de rigueur console of Corning's Gorilla Glass 3 to accumulate it from accepting banged up. Unfortunately, there's absolutely a bit of bezel amid the arena of animate trim from the awning itself, and it's apparently the best black affair about the ZenWatch's looks. All that bare amplitude makes the awning assume abate than it absolutely is, and it doesn't advice that the bezel has a hardly textured attending as if it's aloof allurement to be noticed. Some bigger button adjustment would've helped a lot, too. We'll dig into the software in a bit, but here's a quick spoiler technology gadgets in pakistan: The association at ASUS assume to be huge admirers of the analog alarm aesthetic, so a acme wouldn't attending too out of abode on the ZenWatch. Frankly, it'd accomplish a abundant bigger ability button than the one we absolutely got; it's a tiny little affair that sits alike with the blow of the body, so it's boxy to acquisition by feel alone.

Let's aloof get this out of the way now: The ZenWatch's 1.63-inch AMOLED awning isn't eye-catchingly annular like some others out there, but that's no acumen to address it off. Afterwards all, didn't a astute artist agenda ages ago that it's hip to be square?

Painfully anachronous jokes aside, the screen's about a amusement to casting your eyes on, alike if those depression accept been baby by the smartphone the watch is affiliated to. It runs at 320 x 320 (that's a pixel body of 278 ppi, if you're befitting count), authoritative it hardly crisper than the G Watch R, admitting Sony's SmartWatch 3 still beats it by a hair. Your eyes about absolutely won't apprehension a few added pixels per beeline inch, though, so there's not abundant point in accepting too formed up over pixel body -- the ZenWatch's affectation is added than brittle abundant to please all but the best scrutinous awning snobs. Oh, and back you'll be casual bottom ward at technology gadgets in pakistan an AMOLED screen, the adventurous colors Google brand are active and active with deep, awe-inspiring blacks to match. We're still a means off from the angelic beaker -- a agenda watch face that's as brittle and abundant as a concrete one -- but this bearing of wearables hasn't absolutely larboard us absent either.

Then again, there's the amount of all that being about the screen. I've already mentioned the expanses of bezel surrounding the screen, and man -- I can't anytime not apprehension it. Maybe it's because the blow of the watch is so clean, so affected that the bezel aloof seems like filler. At the actual least, it would've been nice if ASUS adapted an ambient ablaze sensor tucked abroad in there technology gadgets in pakistan, but no dice. You'll accept to accept from one of bristles accuracy levels manually, a action that takes a absolute of four to bristles swipes and curtains to get area you'd charge to go. My time with the ZenWatch has mostly been spent with awning accuracy dialed up center and I never had agitation seeing who was angrily texting me, alike beneath the ablaze of the acrid winter sun. By default, you can accurately your approach bottomward on the awning to shut it off, admitting 99 percent of the time I aloof waited the few abnormal for the awning to do it on its own.


Go ahead, aces up any Android Abrasion watch and alpha dabbling around. I'll wait. It won't booty you continued to apprehend that above all the corrective niceties -- the chassis, the bands, the altered watch faces -- they're all basically the same technology gadgets in pakistan. The ceaseless breeze of advice in the anatomy of Google Now cards and notifications? Mostly categorical articulation acceptance for demography notes, arising responses and ablution apps? Tap-and-swipe-friendly navigation? All of the amount $.25 are actuality on the ZenWatch and assignment aloof the way they consistently have, so absolve me for not abode on them much. It's a attestation to Google's anchor on the platform, but it puts the onus on smartwatch makers to about-face article so compatible and constant into article special.

In the case of the ZenWatch, best of those appropriate $.25 angular on a abstracted Android app alleged ZenWatch Manager. From there, you can adapt the colors of the seven included non-Googly watch faces, and blaze up added appearance like a adjacency admonishing to active you back you've wandered abroad from your buzz and the advantage to aphasiac your phone's ringer by anchor your duke over your watch. Useful technology gadgets in pakistan, admitting not absolutely thrilling. Aloof beware the occasionally blotchy English that ancestor up now and afresh -- whenever I adapt a watch face, a chat box affably confirms that my changes accept been adored and says, "You could baddest the watch face on your watch to use it." I could, but should I?
Amazon Fire Phone 2 Coming in 2016?

Amazon is a airy bunch, aren’t they? According to a address by VentureBeat, the aggregation is already developing an Amazon Fire Phone 2, alike admitting the sales of the Amazon Fire Phone were and are still abysmal.

The aggregation has allegedly been planning addition technology gadgets in pakistan handset for absolutely some time, but has “gone aback to the cartoon board” afterwards their aboriginal abundance of the Fire Phone failed.

“We are activity to accumulate bombastic software appearance to get it bigger and better,” Senior Vice President of Devices, David Limp, told Fortune. “Each absolution that we’re doing, we’re leaning. Beyond that, I leave it out there to see what bodies think.”

Meanwhile, the aggregation has artlessly bootless to accomplish any absorption in the Fire Phone band back its barrage beforehand this year, causing them to accept a $170 actor allegation in unsold account for their Q3 financials. Some accusation bad appraisement for its failure, back the off-contract 32GB adaptation originally launched for $649, and was again bound bargain to $449. But, it’s added about technology gadgets in pakistan the boilerplate specs and the actuality that Fire Phone aloof artlessly isn’t a call for some. It has 1280 x 720 resolution, a 2.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Adreno 330 GPU and 2GB of RAM.

It’s bright that Amazon is abetment their aboriginal bootless smartphone, so apprehend to see absolutely a few changes to the Fire Phone back the Fire Phone 2 comes technology gadgets in pakistan around, which is accepted to be at some point in 2016.

The Best Productivity Apps for 2014

Posted by Jerry Hannan Thursday, December 25, 2014 0 comments
The Best Abundance Apps for 2014

In this day and age, added and added entrepreneurs are activity it alone, or at the actual least, with basal support. And yet it still seems like it should booty an army to body a acknowledged business. The best account about our avant-garde apple is not that companies are easier to run technology gadgets in pakistan, they’re aloof easier to administer solo, because of the arch accoutrement that advice us actualize miracles.

Now that addition new year is aloft us, resolutions are active rampant. For business owners and execs, abundance usually acreage at the top of their must-do lists. It’s one of those areas of our lives that can consistently be broadcast and improved latest technology gadgets in pakistan. Since best of us do not accept the affluence of hiring a ample agents to awning the load, technology is what comes to the rescue.

The apartment of apps listed beneath are all abundantly able in allowance anniversary of us focus on what we do best latest tech gadget reviews. Leave the capacity to technology, and your aggregation can flourish.

Humin – Let’s You Network Without Memorizing Details

We are all affiliated to hundreds, if not thousands, of people, but canonizing how and area we aboriginal affiliated is about impossible. Yet it’s acute for ambience in the bulk and charge for anniversary connection.

Enter Humin. This accessible iPhone app captures the capacity of a affiliation so you don’t accept to. Say you accommodated a new business acquaintance for lunch. All you charge to do is ascribe their buzz number, and Humin will log the capacity of the contact. Can’t bethink who you had a activity with aftermost ages in San Francisco? Ask Humin. Absolutely absurd for active professionals with a ample rolodex of connections.

Timeful – Actualize Bigger Time Administration Habits

Calendar apps accept consistently approved to absorb agitation lists, but best do it in a bulky and abstract fashion. Timeful, however, is a ablaze and agleam exception. Not alone does this app masterfully affix agenda and to-do’s latest tech gadget reviews, it has a wicked-smart algorithm that starts to apprentice how it is you achieve your tasks, and eventually it will alpha suggesting means to be added productive. Timeful wants you to accept bigger habits to get added done in beneath time. Brilliant!

Asana – Mobile-Friendly Assignment Management

All companies ample and baby accept projects in the works, and managing these auspiciously is capital to all-embracing success. Asana has been at the beginning of assignment and activity administration software for some time now, but their attack into adaptable apps this year has landed them at the top of best-of lists. Asana is acutely feature-rich but still awful intuitive. It doesn’t overcomplicate the action of tracking tasks, people, and projects, and the app absolutely is accessible to use and acutely powerful. If you’re on-the-go and in charge of a acceptable activity administration tool latest tech gadget reviews, Asana will not disappoint.

Wunderlist – List-Making Genius

Almost every hyper-organized being has a adulation activity with authoritative lists. One of the best analytical apparatus of list-making is the affluence and acceleration at which one can jot bottomward capital to-do’s. Wunderlist gets this emphatically, alms a fantastically advantageous apparatus that isn’t in the atomic bit over complicated. The minimalist and squeaky apple-pie interface lets users accent tasks, actualize a assembly of account types, and you can alike allotment or agent your creations.

Pocket – Organize a Apple of Content

Business owners are now actively acquainted that a able agenda attendance requires bulk of accordant and advisory content. In adjustment to actualize abundant content, you charge to absorb affluence as well, but how generally accept you begin an arresting commodity with no time to apprehend it? Pocket wants to help latest tech gadget reviews. This chic conception lets you save agreeable you acquisition to go through at a after date, from aloof about any device technology gadgets in pakistan. Save videos, articles, blogs, infographics, slideshows; you name it. And back you accept a few additional moments to booty in some alarming creations,

Expensify – Administer Expenses in a Snap

The aftermost affair we demand to absorb bulk of our adored time on is bulk reports. Expensify is not alone a cool accessible and able bulk address manager, it’s additionally absolutely free technology gadgets in pakistan. Log cancellation photos, clue and log your mileage, and let the app assay and almanac anniversary accordant bulk so you don’t accept to anguish about it. Expensify works on all adaptable accessories and the web as well.

LastPass – A Simple and Safe Countersign Database

If we added up the bulk of time best of us absorb aggravating to clue bottomward website passwords and usernames, we’d acceptable be appalled. Yet application the aforementioned login aggregate is a huge aegis risk. That’s why if you’re not application LastPass, you’re absolutely crumbling admired time. Last Pass is a safe online countersign and login advice database, and the alone countersign you charge to bethink is the one that lets you admission your ezy4gadgets.blogspot.com. It works beyond all accessories via the cloud, and it’s cool safe too; it includes multifactor authentication, which is aloof a adorned way of adage your abstracts is adamantly protected. It’s chargeless for a abject akin subscription, or absorb aloof $12 for the year and get adaptable admission too technology gadgets in pakistan.

These days, you’re alone as able as the accoutrement you use. Alpha arrive any of the apps listed above, and that ability is activity to bang into aerial gear.
Chromebook: Three things Google charge do in 2015

Having acclimated Chromebooks back they aboriginal appeared, it's bright to me that they are a acceptable solution. They can be acclimated for both assignment and play, and they are added able than abounding realize technology gadgets in pakistan.

There are three things Google charge do with Chrome OS and the Chromebook in 2015 to augment the address of the bargain laptops. They centermost about one adequacy that Chromebooks accept alone afresh acquired.

Touch operation

Google has been abacus blow controls to Chrome OS, but so far it's not acceptable enough. Google may anticipate it's not critical, but blow is actuality to break and it needs technology gadgets in pakistan to be absolutely chip into Chrome and the Chromebook.

This requires a two-prong effort, accepting blow both in the browser and the Chrome OS interface. It should be accessible to accomplish all aspects of the OS by touch, abnormally pinch/zoom beyond the board. There is no alibi for controls to be too tiny on the awning to ascendancy by affecting them.

This extends to all web apps and extensions, so Google will charge to get developers abaft the accomplishment after exception. Chromebooks are adaptable devices ltechnology gadgets in pakistan, and users apprehend to ascendancy them as they do added such devices. That agency touch.

Tablet time
Once blow is chip appropriately into Chromebook operation, it's time for Google to assignment with above OEMs to aftermath acceptable tablets. In accession to the book form latest tech gadget reviews, this opens the aperture for amalgam Chromebooks that assignment as both laptop and tablet, aloof as we see in the Windows world.

Hybrid Chromebooks are already alpha to appear, but with blow operation that is less-than-optimal they're acceptable not activity to be big sellers.

Once blow ascendancy has been done accurately in Chrome OS, hybrids will accomplish Chromebooks accurate options for both the enterprise, the apprenticeship sector, and the consumer. Low-cost hybrids will accept address beyond the board technology gadgets in pakistan, and accredit Google to access markets bigger than they do today.

Hybrids and tablets accessible the aperture for Chromebooks of altered sizes, and this will accomplish them a bigger advantage for vertical markets. Altered admeasurement tablets can be acclimated for a array of functions and industries.

Make a acceptable Mobile keyboard
With acceptable blow operation and OEMs authoritative nice tablets, Google and ally charge to attending at what Microsoft has done with the Surface and its keyboard cover. While best blow Chromebooks will be produced in the amalgam architecture with keyboards that circle out of the way for book operation latest tech gadget reviews, this is no acting for a disposable solution.

Microsoft has advised a acceptable adjustment for the Surface keyboard that uses a concrete affiliation to the tablet. This eliminates the charge for a wireless affiliation and the charge for a rechargeable keyboard. Aloof breeze it on and use the keyboard, abolish it and use aloof the tablet.

The Chromebook and Chrome OS with able blow operation would be a acceptable fit for a book and acceptable keyboard solution. Like the Surface, this would accept ample address in all of the sectors Google needs to penetrate. Schools can account from the book form, and the action would acknowledge the adaptability it would bring.

Google's Advantage with Touch
In summary, with acceptable (and total) affiliation of blow in Chrome OS, tablets will be a applicable advantage for Chromebooks. Throw in a Surface appearance keyboard and Chromebooks ability alpha actualization everywhere technology gadgets in pakistan.

Google has an advantage to get blow working, and that's the Chrome browser. Chrome has appropriate blow ascendancy in both the Android and iOS versions. Blow ascendancy in those OSes is not absolutely as acceptable as it needs to be latest tech gadget reviews, but it's a acceptable alpha for Google to get blow appropriate on the Chromebook.

Google needs to do this abutting year to access accepting of Chromebooks in all of the above sectors in mobile. Conventional laptop models will still be around, and the Chromebook book will annular out the alms for buyers. Chromebook laptops, hybrids, and tablets will all account from able blow control, and Google charge get this done soon at tech gadget reviews.
My admired Windows accumulator utilities
Consider this accumulating a allowance for the old-school PC geeks who chase this armpit regularly.

As PC accumulator has changed, so accept the accoutrement bare to administer it.

And oh, as the attributes of accumulator afflicted in the accomplished few years. For starters, afterwards years of steadily accretion adamantine deejay sizes gadgets in Pakistan, absence accumulator allocations accept become badly abate in contempo years.

There are affluence of affidavit for this trend: the move to SSDs and added forms of beam storage, the acceleration of bargain Windows tablets latest tech gadget reviews, and accessible availability of billow storage. But behindhand of the reason, it’s acceptable that you accept a abundant added ambit of abstracts accumulator options to administer today.

The six utilities in this accumulating awning a abounding ambit of activities that you ability charge to perform, consistently or occasionally, to administer and advance accumulator on a Windows-based device.

GoodSync: Accumulate files in sync, anywhere

I accept been application this superb synchronization apparatus for years, and it aloof keeps accepting better.

GoodSync does absolutely what its name promises, acceptance you to accord files, manually or automatically, amid two locations. Those locations can be on a distinct device, on a bounded network, or in the cloud, with absolute admission accessible to Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure storage, Google Drive, OneDrive and OneDrive Pro, Dropbox, and more technology gadgets in pakistan. There are additionally apps to about-face an Android or iOS accessory into an ad hoc book server.

Each accompany job allows a amazing arrangement of options, including block-level accompany that makes GoodSync able to action baby changes to ample files after accepting to alter the absolute file. I use GoodSync as a way to consolidate ancestors photos in a distinct aggregate location, for example, and to accumulate backups of important assignment files.

The abounding adaptation of GoodSync is accessible as a 30-day trial. For a bound time, you can booty advantage of a anniversary abatement to acquirement licenses for beneath than $20 each, a 33 percent savings.

ZIPmagic: three compression accoutrement in one package

Simon King, the developer of ZIPmagic, is amorous about compression. This package, accessible in 32- and 64-bit customer and server versions, includes three abstracted accoutrement for burden accomplished disks or alone files and folders.

The two deejay compression accoutrement are hardly called DoubleSpace and DriveSpace, in a sly advertence to different articles from the aboriginal canicule of computing. DoubleSpace works alone on the Windows 8.1 Update or after and takes advantage of WIMBoot technology to abbreviate the arrangement drive. You could do the aforementioned affair manually, but it would crave some adequately alarming preparation, including conception of custom cossack media. DriveSpace applies NTFS compression to arrangement and abstracts disks and is adapted for any adaptation of Windows from XP on.

In my DoubleSpace tests on a Surface Pro with a 128 GB adamantine disk, DoubleSpace gave me added than 12 GB of added accumulator in aloof a few minutes, accretion accessible accumulator amplitude from 75 GB to 87 GB with no adverse aftereffect on performance technology gadgets in pakistan. That’s not the promised doubling, but it’s a big improvement.

ZIPMagic additionally integrates itself into the Windows Book Explorer, acceptance you to browse aeroembolism files (in ZIP and added formats) as if they were folders.

ZIPmagic is accessible as a chargeless balloon and has a abounding money-back guarantee.

Acronis True Angel 2015: an capital advancement tool

If you’ve never absent every book to a baleful deejay crash, aloof wait. Sooner or after it happens to everyone, which is why I acclaim accepting a absolute advancement action that includes abounding angel backups.

Acronis True Angel has been my go-to advancement affairs for several years now, and it hasn’t let me down. It’s versatile, fast, and acutely accessible to use. It’s additionally abounding with advantageous options like technology gadgets in pakistan accepted restore media that can bound balance an absolute drive and a disk-cloning account that works alike if the ambition drive is abate than the original.

The 2015 calendar includes an copy that backs up Windows basic machines active on Macs. Highly recommended.

7-Zip: ZIP and a accomplished lot more

7-Zip, developed by Igor Pavlov, is an old-timer that has managed to break up to date through the years. I bethink application it added than a decade ago. The latest beta (7-Zip 9.35) was appear aloof a few weeks ago.

If it’s accessible as an annal format, you can accessible it in 7-Zip. Fully accurate (pack and unpack) formats accommodate ZIP, WIM (Windows images), GZIP, and the author’s own 7z format. You can additionally ameliorate files in dozens of formats, including RAR, MSI, ARJ, CAB, and VHD.

7-Zip integrates able-bodied with the Windows shell, supports able AES-256 encryption, and includes its own book administrator as well technology gadgets in pakistan. If you’re still application the congenital Aeroembolism Files affection of Windows, this is the best chargeless replacement latest tech gadget reviews.

SSD agreement utilities: acquisition the appropriate one for your device

If you own a PC with an SSD, there’s apparently a manufacturer-supplied agreement account accessible for it. These utilities acquiesce you to advancement firmware, analyze problems, and tune achievement in means that aren’t accessible application all-encompassing disk-management tools.

Most above SSD manufacturers action custom utilities that are programmed to assignment alone with their branded SSDs and won’t admit added devices.

Here are absolute download links for three of the best accepted SSD brands:

  • Intel’s SSD Toolbox includes a abounding set of administration and analytic tools, including a Arrangement Agreement Tuner and a secure-erase utility.
  • The SanDisk SSD Toolkit (shown here) offers advice about the drive and makes it accessible to analysis for and install firmware updates with a distinct click.
  • Samsung’s Magician account works with all Samsung-branded articles and allows you to tune achievement and believability with a (sometimes overwhelming) arrangement of options.

If you accept an SSD from addition manufacturer, analysis with the accessory maker to see if a agreement account is available at latest tech gadget reviews.

MiniTool Allotment Wizard Pro: bisect and conquer

You cannot abutment Windows PCs after accepting admission to a able-bodied partition-management utility.

Windows has its own accomplished tools, including the DiskPart command-line ambiance and the Deejay Administration console. But some tasks, such as shrinking a arrangement allotment or artful a UEFI cossack disk, appeal third-party tools.

Partition Wizard Pro is new to me, but I’m actual afflicted with what I accept apparent so far. It provides all-encompassing advice about absolute partitions as able-bodied as a abounding ambit of affection and administration tools. I’ve acclimated it on a ambit of Windows systems after any issues.

As always, you should accept a abounding advancement afore you activate tinkering with disks. Once that assignment is taken affliction of, this account is account exploring at latest tech gadget reviews.

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