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New look for sign-in coming soon

Posted by Jerry Hannan Wednesday, March 29, 2017 0 comments

Learn about the new Google sign-in page

In the next few weeks, the page to sign in to your Google Account will look a little different.

What will stay the same

  • The steps to sign in won't change. You'll enter the same information you usually do, like your email address and password.
  • You can use your account to sign in securely to the same Google services as before.

Why the page is changing

The new sign-in page will:
  • Have a cleaner, simpler look.
  • Make the sign-in process faster.
  • Be consistent across computers, phones, and tablets.

Where this change will happen

The new sign-in page will show up on computers, phones, and tablets. You'll see it when you sign in to a Google app or a Google service on a browser, like Chrome.
You might still see the old sign-in page in these cases:
  • You use an older version of a browser
  • You've turned off JavaScript

How to help keep your account secure

Both the old and new sign-in pages help you sign in securely to your Google Account.
To take extra steps to strengthen your account's security, we recommend that you:
  • Do a Security Checkup to review security settings and activity.
  • Learn more about signing in securely, especially if you use a shared device.
  • Visit the Safety Center to find out about online security and privacy tools.

Delete your Yahoo account? Reconsider.

Posted by Jerry Hannan Friday, February 17, 2017 0 comments
Erasing your Yahoo email account? No doubt, good fortunes with that 

Some Yahoo clients say conflicting security rehearses makes the record cancellation prepare close outlandish.

Delete your Yahoo account? Reconsider. 

A few Yahoo clients, who a year ago chose to leave the administration, revealed to us that their records stayed open for a considerable length of time or months after the organization said they would be shut.

News softened up September of an enormous state-supported cyberattack that prompted to the robbery of 500 million records - then thought to be the biggest burglary of records ever. That by itself was sufficient for some to make a move and erase their records, months before the organization let it be known was hacked again - this time taking one billion records.

Jerry Hannan was one of those leaving clients, whose lethargic record was gradually amassing garbage in the course of recent years.

"This was an antiquated email I had set up, had no individual information in it any longer and had a novel watchword," expounding on his inconveniences on Medium. "In any case, it's a piece of my advanced impression that I did not require anymore and chose, given the awful security works on going ahead at Yahoo, to vote with my record and have it evacuated."

Hurray makes the record cancellation prepare sufficiently clear, yet clients need to hold up "much of the time... roughly 90 days" for the record to close. The organization says this is to "debilitate clients from taking part in deceitful action."

On day 91, Clarke logged once again into his record to find that it was still dynamic. Unbeknownst to him, logging back in essentially to check would reset the clock back to zero.

"Hurray affirmed by means of email yesterday in the event that you get to your record it resets the clock," he let me know. "Along these lines, on the off chance that you login to guarantee your record has been erased and it hasn't, you need to hold up in any event an additional 90 days."

Jerry may have checked down to the day top gadgets reviews online, however others we addressed said that their records were still dynamic for a considerable length of time longer - despite the fact that they hadn't logged back in.

One client disclosed to me that they erased their record "the day the break was declared" in late September. In any case, as of the finish of January, he was all the while accepting messages that were consequently sent from his Yahoo inbox.

He disclosed to me that he hadn't signed into his record since he proceeds "to get Yahoo-started mailing list mail," he said. "This infers the Yahoo account has not been erased," he included.

When we requesting that he affirm his record was still dynamic, he revealed to me that his email address was acknowledged at the login screen.

Clients with terminated or erased records would see a mistake message saying that their records are "not perceived."

Another client disclosed to me that they thought their record was "as far as anyone knows ended" days after news of the hack broke, yet affirmed his record was still dynamic - when it ought to have shut by December.

"Since around August, I had a modest bunch of endeavored logins from South Korea and India - perhaps five or 10 of them, he said. "Yippee seemed to close out the majority of them," he included. "This record had basically nothing in it - I think 10 years old Flickr record is the main reason I had it - so I wasn't utilizing two-calculate confirmation or giving careful consideration to it by any stretch of the imagination."

As indicated by [Yahoo], my record ought to have been erased before the finish of December - however I got yet another 'surprising sign-in endeavor' email (from South Korea, of course) on Feb. 1," he said.

A postponement in shutting the record combined with an unapproved sign-in might be the reason the record has not shut.

"Why aren't they in any event putting the record into some sort of suspension mode?" the client let me know.

A third client disclosed to me that that they had likewise erased their record around the season of the September break, yet he had not signed in since. He affirmed that his record was still dynamic.

Be that as it may, another two other individuals affirmed that their records, set apart for deactivation and erasure prior in the year, had been effectively erased and were not able sign in.

It's not known how across the board the issue is or what number of are influenced.

The organization has confronted what's coming to its of terrible security features - not exclusively was it hacked on three events (in the event that you number Tumblr), but at the same time it's confronted protection issues and run-ins over national security, which prompted to an interior conflict that brought about the organization's central security officer leaving.

A Yahoo representative did not remark, but rather pointed to the organization's top gadgets reviews online security strategy, which says: "Any data that we have duplicated may stay in go down capacity for some timeframe after your erasure ask. This might be the situation despite the fact that no record data stays in our dynamic client databases."