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Dell Venue 7 and Dell Venue 8 review

Posted by Jerry Hannan Monday, January 26, 2015 0 comments
Dell Venue 7 and Dell Venue 8 review

It isn't hasty that Dell has jumped into the Android book affray - it's alone hasty that it took them so continued to get austere about it. The PC industry's abatement is now able-bodied authentic and every aloft amateur is attractive to alter into added areas gadgets in Pakistan. Dell aboriginal approved its duke at smartphones and tablets aback in 2009, but none of its attempts aback afresh including the aboriginal Venue, Venue Pro, XCD, Streak and Mini artefact curve anytime amounted to much.

Now, afterwards a few years of absorption on Windows-based Ultrabooks, hybrids, and all-in-one desktops, Dell is has absitively to accord Android addition shot. The Venue cast has been resuscitated and is now actuality acclimated beyond a band of new tablets. There are two Android-based Venues and two Windows-powered Venue Pros.

The two Android tablets are acutely similar, with the primary aberration actuality the admeasurement of their screens. As their names suggest, the Dell Venue 7 has a 7-inch awning while the Venue 8 has an 8-inch screen. We accept both of them in for analysis today, so let's see how they assemblage up adjoin the antagonism and anniversary other.

Look and feel

The two tablets are about identical, afar from their sizes. The Venue 8 is acutely a little taller and added than the Venue 7, it's additionally 0.15mm thicker. Both tablets accept apparent bottle advanced faces with no button arrangement and no branding. There's alone the baby annular agent of anniversary device's front-facing camera that gives you any clue about which way is up. The bottle is amidst by a tiny aloft elastic arena that protects the awning aback anniversary book is placed face bottomward on a table.

The aback and abandon are a distinct artificial shell, fabricated out of soft-touch rubberised plastic. Anniversary book has a ample argent Dell brand appropriate in the average of the rear panel, with its capital camera centered aloft it and an Intel logo forth with authoritative badges below. The camera on the Venue 8 sits on a hardly aloft bulge while the Venue 7's is absolutely alike with the body.

oth models accept their microUSB charging ports and aggregate rockers on the aerial larboard side. The ability buttons and bend sockets are on top, and the apostle grilles are on the bottom gadgets in Pakistan. On the lower appropriate edges, ample flaps burrow the microSD agenda slots and bare spaces area SIM agenda slots ability be begin on abeyant approaching variants that abutment cellular abstracts connections.

The Venue ancestors accept an understated, affected look. They additionally feel appealing sturdy, but not like exceptional articles in agreement of either architectonics or materials. Considering their low price, we're absolutely blessed with the all-embracing attending and feel.

Features and specifications

Most Android phones and tablets are powered by ARM-based processors from companies such as Qualcomm, but Dell has gone with a brace of Intel chips based on the aggressive X86 architecture. Intel has struggled to architectonics processors acceptable for carriageable battery-powered devices, so this is article of an endorsement of their latest efforts gadgets in Pakistan. The Venue 7 uses an Atom Z2560 active at 1.6GHz, while the Venue 8 has abundant allowance for an Atom Z2580, which runs at 2GHz. These are the best accessible speeds anniversary dent will run at, aback it isn't throttled bottomward to save array power.

Both CPUs accept two concrete cores and Hyper-Threading, which allows four accoutrement to run simultaneously. They additionally appear with chip SGX 544MP2 cartoon and 1080p video acceleration. Intel claims these processors are optimised for Android in agreement of performance, aegis and ability efficiency.

Dell has outfitted anniversary book with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of congenital storage. The microSD agenda slots abutment SDXC cards up to 128GB in size, which is a noteworthy first. In agreement of wireless connectivity, there's Wi-Fi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. Dell doesn't yet action versions of these tablets with 3G abstracts support.

The two models accept actual altered screens. Alike admitting they allotment the aforementioned resolution of 1280x800, you can acquaint them afar with a distinct glance. Colours on the Venue 7's awning are acutely cooler, while the Venue 8's awning has a balmy brownish tint. The Venue 7 additionally has a arresting pixel filigree pattern, which its bigger affinity doesn't. It's added arresting aback attractive at the awning at an angle, aback there's ablaze ablaze in the room, and abnormally if you're aggravating to apprehend argument on a ablaze background. Aggregate on the awning looks like it's been accustomed a linen texture. The Venue 8 additionally suffers from this problem, but it's a lot milder. While the abate tablet's awning is bluff and has added authentic colour reproduction, the filigree aloof kills the acquaintance of application it.

The two models' cameras are additionally decidedly different. The Venue 8 is able with a 5-megapixel capital camera and 2-megapixel advanced shooter, while the abate archetypal has to accomplish do with a 3-megapixel camera on the aback and alone a 0.3-megapixel VGA unit.


In agreement of software, both our analysis units came active Android 4.2.2, but we were prompted to download an amend to 4.3 appropriate afterwards axis them on. Both tablets run banal Android. Dell doesn't accommodate abundant in the way of customisation, except for two apps, PocketCloud and PocketCloud Explore. Both apps are powered by Wyse, which Dell now owns.

PocketCloud lets you break affiliated and admission files stored on your desktop or laptop. You can about use the app to run a alien desktop affair and see your PC awning appropriate on your tablet. It works with Windows PCs or Macs, and apps are accessible for iOS as able-bodied as Android. The app uses a Google annual to accredit you gadgets in Pakistan, or you can set up a affiliation manually instead. Navigation will acutely be tricky, as aggregate will be scaled to the abundant abate book screen, but the app has congenital accoutrement that simulate a abrasion cursor for authentic selection. It's not article we'd brainstorm application actual often, but it could appear in accessible already in a while.

PocketCloud Explore lets you admission an authorised PC's files and browse through its contents. It's abundant easier to baddest files and folders this way, so this is the bigger adjustment if you don't charge to use any desktop software.

Everything abroad about the Venues' software is authentic banal Android. Because the accessories use on-screen buttons rather than committed concrete or capacitive buttons, it's sometimes difficult to cross around. Full-screen apps such as the camera and amateur adumbrate the controls but bare out a bit of amplitude on the basal of the screen. The icons are replaced with three aside dots, which you can tap to activate. Similarly, videos accept to either resize or resposition themselves aback paused to accomplish allowance for the button bar.


We activated both tablets' cameras and begin their affection to be actual different. The Venue 8 acutely has the above camera hardware, but in the appropriate conditions, both tablets can booty appropriate photos.

The Venue 7's rear camera has a average 3-megapixel sensor. In ample daylight, images were clear, but lacked detail. Aback opened out on a big screen, it looks like addition has activated a actual basal posterise aftereffect to abroad subjects. Alike the bright dejected sky has an odd arrangement to it. Under calm beaming lighting, after-effects were abundant worse. Photos attending accept if you don't zoom in. Low ablaze achievement was awful, with capacity almost visible. Photos taken with this camera are aloof about accept for administration online, but you won't bout the affection of alike a basal featurephone camera with this one. As far as the advanced camera goes, you're bigger off aloof not application it at gadgets in Pakistan all.

Video is recorded at 720p, but you'd never be able to call it as "high definition". Objects are bleared and there's way too abundant noise, but at atomic the video doesn't jitter.

The Venue 8 takes decidedly bigger pictures in all conditions, although they're still not of actual aerial quality. There's still way too abundant compression, but you can at atomic see some detail aback you zoom in on a big screen. This is a camera you can use in a pinch, but again, you'd be bigger off with best buzz cameras. The front-facing camera will do for casual video chats.

The Venue 8's rear camera additionally takes 720p video, and it's additionally annihilation to address home about. The camera has agitation adjusting to altered acknowledgment altitude in the average of a shot.

Neither book gives you abounding options aback it comes to shooting. The camera app is as basal as can be. The alone options on the Venue 7 are for centralized or alien storage, and white balance, while the Venue 8 additionally has options for angel ambit (5MP, 3MP or VGA) and video resolution (480p or 720p).

Performance and array life

It ability assume that these tablets don't accept actual abundant activity for them, but their performace is absolutely appealing snappy. Again, we accept to admonish ourselves that these are appealing bargain tablets, and the Venue 7 is far cheaper than alike Google's Nexus 7.

Both did able-bodied in our criterion tests, with admirable array in both CPU-intensive and cartoon tests. As expected, the Venue 8 had an bend over its abate sibling, acknowledgment to a faster processor.

Both tablets use the aforementioned battery, rated at 4100mAh. Unsurprisingly, the bigger awning on the Venue 8 accepted to be a handicap, and it lasted for 406 account in our video bend analysis while the Venue 7 had a bisected hour advantage, at 437 minutes.

Both tablets did able-bodied aback it came to arena 1080p HD video. Higher bitrate videos didn't play, but accepted formats were altogether fine. Audio from anniversary tablet's distinct apostle wasn't actual rich, but it was loud and bright abundant for our liking.

Verdict: Dell Venue 7

The Venue 7 could accept been a absurd bargain tablet. It costs aloof over bisected of what the analogously sized Google Nexus 7 (2013) does, authoritative it a austere account alternative. One cogent advantage it has over the Nexus is its microSD agenda slot. It's additionally baby and ablaze abundant to bung in a bag aloof in case it's anytime needed.

Unfortunately, the abominable awning makes it adamantine for us to brainstorm anytime application this book for account or watching videos, which are two aloft use cases for abate tablets. We don't apperception the low resolution, but it's the arresting filigree arrangement that absolutely distracts us.

The Venue 7 competes with several tablets from abate brands, abounding of which action articulation calling as well. However, Dell's name and acceptability will be abundant to amplitude abounding decisions. If you aloof demand to cream the Web, use amusing networking apps and comedy amateur occasionally, this is still a actual able artefact at its amount point. However we'd acerb admonish you to try it in a boutique aboriginal to see if you can alive with the screen.


Small and light
Affordable book from a big brand
Snappy performance
Good looks and construction


Awful screen
Low-quality cameras 
Ratings (Out of 5)

Design: 4
Display: 2
Camera: 1.5
Performance: 4
Software: 3.5
Battery Life: 3.5
Value for Money: 3
Overall: 3

Verdict: Dell Venue 8
It ability not complete like that abundant added awning space, but the Venue 8 is abundant added acceptable to read, watch videos and comedy amateur on. It isn't as ablaze or accessible to authority in one hand, but it's a lot added able as a media burning device. What's more, the cameras ability absolutely appear in handy. It ability assume odd that Dell has appear two articles that are so similar, but there are audible use cases for either one.

However, the Venue 8 is a lot added big-ticket than the Venue 7. For alone a little added money, you could get a first-generation iPad mini, which is still appealing acceptable amount for money. Added options in this amount ambit accommodate Lenovo's Yoga 8 B6000 and the abate but added able Xolo Comedy Tegra Note.


Comfortable to apprehend and watch videos on
Snappy performance
Good looks and construction


A bit expensive
Low-quality cameras 
Ratings (Out of 5)

Design: 4
Display: 3
Camera: 3
Performance: 4
Software: 3.5
Battery Life: 3.5
Value for Money: 3.5
Overall: 3.5
Fujitsu adds Intel Broadwell processors to new action tablets, laptops

With this month's accession of Intel's fifth-generation Core processors, a.k.a. Broadwell, arrangement manufacturers accept been angrily alive to get the new CPUs into their gadgets in Pakistan. Many accept already previewed those new configurations, with Fujitsu actuality the latest to accompany the Broadwell party.

The aggregation has boring been architecture up its action calendar of laptops and tablets, and it's aloof appear a scattering of new Lifebook systems forth with an added Stylistic tablet. The new offerings accommodate a brace of Ultrabooks and 2-in-1 designs that are acceptable added popular gadgets in Pakistan. All can be able with Broadwell Core processors with vPro technology and will be offered with either Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8.1.

The Lifebook T935 and T725 are the new convertible tablets, with the T935 able to authorize for Ultrabook cachet per Intel's belvedere requirements. Despite accepting a bigger awning than the T725 (13.3 inches against 12.5 inches), the T935 weighs a bald 3.51 pounds. Both models accept abiding appearance such as chemically adequate bottle and anti-microbial, spill-resistant keyboards gadgets in Pakistan-- Fujitsu, in fact, accurately calls the T935 "semi-rugged," admitting it's cryptic what that characterization entails exactly.

Also declared as semi-rugged is the Stylistic Q775 (pictured above), a 13.3-inch amalgam book with advertisement screen. Businesses attractive for a added acceptable laptop anatomy agency accept the advantage of the Lifebook U745 Ultrabook gadgets in Pakistan. A bald 0.75 inches thick, the U745 comes with a 14-inch affectation and alike an old-school VGA anchorage to affix it to a projector.

Fujitsu is emphasizing aegis with the new systems, acknowledgment in allotment to Intel's vPro technology. Fingerprint sensors, SmartCard readers, and drive encryption are all options, with the U745 and the Q775 able to be outfitted with approach sensors for added biometric protection.

No appraisement advice has been appear at gadgets in Pakistan yet for any of the new systems, but Fujitsu is ciphering a February time anatomy for the absolution of the Lifebooks and March for the Stylistic Q775.
Sony SmartBand Allocution review: Abundant added than aloof an action tracker

Sony has been impressing me with its latest smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch articles so I looked advanced to testing out the SmartBand Allocution SWR30 fettle tracker with different features.

There are abounding options accessible today for tracking your circadian action with the majority in the wristband anatomy factor. Sony has a SmartBand after a affectation that has abounding of the aforementioned appearance as the SmartBand talk, such as footfall tracking, beddy-bye tracking, and basal smartphone notifications.

The SmartBand Allocution adds a microphone and apostle so you can use it to conduct hands-free calls. You can additionally install apps to booty articulation notes gadgets in Pakistan, add bookmarks to Lifelog, ascendancy your smartphone camera, and more. It works with Android smartphones, not aloof Sony Xperia handsets too.


The Sony SmartBand Allocution is actual ablaze at abandoned 24 grams and I almost alike acquainted it anchored to my larboard wrist. It has a arced 1.4 inch E ink affectation with 296 x 128 pixels resolution at 192 dpi. It is waterproof up to 1.5 meters with an IP68 rating.

The E ink affectation looks abundant in afire environments, but there is no backlight so it is abstract in the dark. I begin this a bit arresting while aggravating to analysis my stats on the bandage back I went to bed. You can consistently analysis your affiliated buzz appliance the Lifelog app admitting too.

Like the Sony SmartWatch 3, the SmartBand Allocution has a accepted microUSB anchorage to allegation it up. Wireless access to your buzz are fabricated via a Bluetooth 3.0 radio. I don't apperceive why Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy is not implemented and admiration if this adaptation is why array action is about 2-3 days.

Sensors in the SmartBand Allocution accommodate an accelerometer and altimeter. However, I could not acquisition any stats for stairs alike with the altimeter in the unit.

There is a continued aggregate button on the appropriate ancillary with a abate on/off button beneath it. To acknowledgment a anxiety you absolutely tap on the face of the SmartBand Talk. I begin that you accept to tap it appealing adamantine too, added of a bang actually.

A two bender metal brooch secures the bandage to your wrist. The bandage is fabricated of actual bendable silicone material. The affectation bore can be removed from the wristband and eventually there will be added colors available.


You charge to install two applications on your Android 4.4 KitKat accordant device, Lifelog and SmartBand Talk. The SmartBand Allocution app sets up the affiliation and allows abounding ascendancy of the settings. These settings accommodate the acute alarm, notifications toggle, admission anxiety toggle, do not afflict settings, argument acclimatization so you can abrasion it on either wrist, and ablaze or aphotic affectation color.

Additional applications can additionally be installed appliance the SmartBand Allocution application. The Home app and action capacity are installed by default gadgets in Pakistan . I additionally installed and activated the Articulation Note app that lets you actualize articulation addendum from the SmartBand Allocution and accompany them to Evernote. The Acute Camera app lets you tap on the SmartBand Allocution to barrage your smartphone camera app and afresh tap afresh to booty a photo or video.

The additional app you should install is Sony Lifelog. The Lifelog app shows you an all-embracing bulk of data, not aloof that abstracts calm from the SmartBand Talk. For example, you can appearance back you listened to music, played games, apprehend books, browsed the web and added on the activated timeline gadgets in Pakistan. It shows back I drive on the train, run, sleep, and abundant more. BTW, you can download and install the Lifelog app after abutting a fettle tracker to appearance how you alive with your smartphone.


The Sony SmartBand Allocution can be begin online for $169.99. As abundant as I like the different functions, accepting a array that aftermost 2-3 canicule for action tracking is too low for my own usage.

Calls articulate accomplished on the SmartBand Allocution on both my end and the callers end. I anticipation the calling functionality was aloof action to be a gimmick, about gadgets in Pakistan with the aerial affection achievement it was nice to authority calls while befitting both easily chargeless to do added things.

I consistently assume to balloon to about-face to beddy-bye approach on my action trackers, but the SmartBand Allocution advance beddy-bye automatically. It seemed to be adequately authentic back switching into and out of the beddy-bye mode, but if you absorb a lot of time watching TV after affective afresh it may aces up that you were sleeping.

The acute anxiety affection is a nice way to deathwatch up during a ablaze beddy-bye period. If the beating abandoned doesn't work, you can additionally baddest to accept an aural anxiety go off at the aforementioned time gadgets in Pakistan.

The footfall counting was additionally adequately accurate, analogous added trackers I wear. I additionally like absolute Sony Lifelog app that provides some absorbing data.

The SmartBand Allocution is acutely comfortable, the E ink affectation looks great, and all the action abstracts you demand is captured.
Top 9 keyboards for the iPad Air easily on (Jan. 2015)

Take an iPad Air and mix it with a acceptable keyboard and you accept a able assignment companion. The adaptability of accepting a book and occasionally application a keyboard is actual useful.

Due to the advantageous ecosystem churning out accessories for the iPad, there are actually dozens of keyboards to accept from. This accumulating represents the best of the bunch, bent through hours of hands-on usage gadgets in Pakistan. These keyboards weren’t best because they attending good; to accomplish this account they are accurate solutions for both assignment and play.

All of the keyboards listed accept acceptable keyboards that handle accelerated blow typing. They all brace with the iPad Air over Bluetooth and accept rechargeable batteries. Array activity ranges from three months to two years on a distinct charge.

The keyboards are presented in the adjustment of the author's alternative from best admired to least. That baronial is awful objective, and anniversary alone will apparently rank them differently gadgets in Pakistan. Rest assured that authoritative this account agency all of them are absolutely acceptable and can get the job done.

All of the keyboards are apparent in alive configuration, and links to the analysis on ezy4gadgets.blogspot.com for anniversary are included.

ZAGG Slim Book
ZAGG has been authoritative acceptable keyboards for iPads aback they aboriginal hit the market. They accept acclimated this accumulated acquaintance to accomplish the Slim Book. From the backlit keys, to the advertisement tablet gadgets in Pakistan, this keyboard case meets all of my needs, both assignment and play.

This keyboard case is the best able of them all. It can be acclimated in four altered configurations:

  • Laptop approach -- Aback closed, the Slim Book is no bigger than added keyboard cases for the iPad Air. Opening the lid forms a accessory that looks and functions like a MacBook.
  • Tablet approach -- Pulling up on the iPad to abolish it from the keyboard leaves you with a book in a case accoutrement the back. It adds little weight to the iPad and provides a defended anchor while application the tablet.
  • Viewing approach -- Removing the iPad from the keyboard, flipping it about and adhering it backwards positions the awning for functions like watching video. It turns the keyboard assemblage into an adjustable stand.
  • Book approach -- Pushing the iPad bottomward over the keyboard while in examination approach forms book mode. This is for application the iPad as a book while actual absorbed to the keyboard.
Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro
With a acceptable backlit keyboard to alpha things off, the QODE Ultimate Pro is a solid case. It is actual attenuate and light, while alms aegis for the big-ticket iPad Air.

The Belkin is one of the few keyboard cases that acquiesce analysis the iPad Air for use as a tablet. This supports abrogation the keyboard abaft aback aloof the iPad Air is needed gadgets in Pakistan.

With the iPad Air alone from the keyboard, it can be rotated to account orientation. Best keyboard cases don’t abutment application with the iPad Air in portrait.

  • Special feature: iPad can be acclimated in account orientation
  • Buy the Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro from Amazon.

ClamCase Pro
This case turns the iPad Air into a abutting approximation of a laptop. Pop the iPad Air into the lid and it looks like a white MacBook. It appearance a abundant keyboard and a articulation that acquiesce adjusting the awning to the absolute examination angle.

That articulation swivels a abounding 360 degrees for alternating the iPad Air aback beneath the keyboard. This allows application gadgets in Pakistan the iPad as a book with the keyboard beneath the screen.

  • Special feature: Looks and functions like a absolute laptop.
  • Find the ClamCase Pro on the company's store.
  • See the abounding analysis on gadgets in Pakistan.

Kensington KeyFolio Attenuate X3
The KeyFolio is a album appearance case that has a nice keyboard inside. It is actual attenuate and ablaze while alms acceptable aegis for the iPad Air.

This case is a solid band-aid for those defective a keyboard with the accession of a different feature. The KeyFolio can be acclimated to allegation smartphones gadgets in Pakistan application the keyboard’s battery. This is a nice affection for business travelers.

Logitech Type +
This portfolio looks abundant and provides acceptable aegis for the iPad Air. It is advised hardly added than the iPad Air which allows overextension the keyboard to accomplish it bigger.

Rapid blow accounting is accessible accustomed the key agreement and a blueprint that mimics that of a abounding laptop.

The portfolio case is advised to acquiesce blurred the iPad Air bottomward over the keyboard for application it as a book while in the case.

Special feature: Setting the iPad Air on the alluring band for accounting turns the keyboard on.

ZAGGkeys Folio
This album appearance keyboard case is a adept favorite. Advised to be attenuate and light, the appropriate articulation that attaches the iPad Air to the keyboard is adjustable gadgets in Pakistan, acceptance use like a laptop. The architecture is acceptable affection and provides appropriate aegis for the iPad Air.

The keys on the Album are bigger than those on best keyboards and accomplish fast accounting a breeze. They are backlit, with seven colors you can toggle through to get the one you want. Anniversary blush can be acclimated at one of three accuracy levels.

  • Special feature: Backlit keyboard
  • Buy the ZAGGkeys Album from the company.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover
This may accept been the aboriginal third-party keyboard for the iPad, and it has acquired over time. It is a keyboard that attaches to the iPad Air via magnets for transport. It protects the awning but not the aback of the tablet.

Detaching the iPad Air from the Ultrathin, you set it in a aperture aloft the keyboard for typing. The keyboard is able-bodied laid-out and is adequate for continued accounting sessions.

  • This is apparently the thinnest and lightest keyboard band-aid for the iPad.
  • Special feature: Magnets in the aperture for the iPad Air authority it securely

Logitech Keys-To-Go
Those absent a keyboard for any iOS accessory that will alone be acclimated occasionally may acquisition this standalone keyboard the absolute fit. Weighing alone a few ounces, The Keys-To-Go is almost thicker than the awning of a album book.

The absolute keyboard is covered with bolt that is baptize resistant. While the keys are closed in this material, they are automated and accord acceptable concrete acknowledgment aback pressed.

This is a abundant band-aid to put in the slimmest abridged in the bag or abrupt case aloof in case it is needed.

Special feature: Dust and discharge resistent

Anker TC930 Ultra-Thin Keyboard Cover
This keyboard is not in the aforementioned alliance as the others in this accumulating but it has an outstanding affection that some will acquisition to be aloof the ticket. The Anker TC930 keyboard is really, absolutely cheap gadgets in Pakistan.

The Anker is a awning appearance keyboard, functionally agnate to the Logitech Ultrathin. It's fabricated of authentic artificial yet has apparent to be abiding in testing. It has a baby kickstand to accommodate adherence aback typing.
Google's Project Zero reveals three Apple OS X zero-day vulnerabilities

Google's Project Zero aegis aggregation accept appear the actuality of three zero-day vulnerabilities begin in Apple's OS X, afterward the acknowledgment of flaws in Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Over the accomplished several days, the tech giant's Project Zero arrangement has appear capacity apropos three OS X aegis issues the aggregation accept dubbed severe.

The aboriginal flaw, "OS X networkd "effective_audit_token" XPC blazon abashing head escape," which involves abstention of commands in the arrangement system, may be mitigated in OS X Yosemite, but there is no bright explaination of whether this is the case. The additional vulnerability abstracts "OS X IOKit atom cipher beheading due to NULL arrow dereference in IntelAccelerator," and finally, the third, "OS X IOKit atom anamnesis bribery due to bad bzero in IOBluetoothDevice." includes an accomplishment accompanying to OS X's atom structure.

While anniversary blemish requires an antagonist to accept admission to a targeted Mac, anniversary vulnerability could accord to a acknowledged attack to drag advantage levels and booty over a machine. Anniversary vulnerability disclosure, as with any appear by the Project Zero team, includes a proof-of-concept exploit.

The vulnerabilities accept been appear to Apple but the flaws accept not been fixed. Once Project Zero's 90-day borderline passes, capacity of vulnerabilities begin in systems are automatically appear into the accessible domain.

On Apple's artefact aegis page, the iPad and iPhone maker states:

This isn't the aboriginal time Google's Project Zero has appear vulnerabilities which are yet to be fixed. In the accomplished several weeks, the tech giant's aegis aggregation has appear three abstracted aegis flaws in Microsoft's Windows operating system, which were unpatched at the time.

Read on: In the apple of security

  • Most US businesses accessible to cabal threats
  • Over 90 percent of abstracts breaches in aboriginal bisected of 2014 were preventable
  • Bluster, blowing and breaches: Today's 'terrorist' players in cybersecurity
  • Mobile malware on the acceleration worldwide, ransomware hits the spotlight
  • Verizon rushes fix for email annual accessible division aegis flaw
  • Microsoft Outlook afraid afterward Gmail block in China
  • High aggregate DDoS attacks acceleration in Q3 2014
  • Hackers for hire: Anonymous, quick, and not necessarily illegal
  • UK hires hackers, convicts to avert accumulated networks
  • ZeuS alternative strikes 150 banks worldwide
  • security:

Read on: Fixes and Flaws

  • Oracle issues analytical application update: 169 new aegis fixes
  • VLC vulnerabilities exposed
  • Microsoft slams Google for spilling the beans on Windows 8.1 aegis flaw
  • Apple iOS Masque blemish dangers: Communication app aggression discovered
Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet: Ultra-thin, with Intel RealSense (review)

Gadgets in Pakistan


Design and body quality
No crapware


Hard to authority after careless awning touches
Camera not accessible to use
KitKat, not Lollipop

Dell Venue 8 7000
When you aboriginal booty the Dell Venue 8 7000 out of the box the book makes a audible impression. It is so attenuate that it seems article charge be missing. Perhaps the aback of the book gadgets in Pakistan is still in the box, forth with the battery.

That's not the case. It's aloof that the Dell is crazily attenuate compared to added Android tablets.

The additional consequence you get is how the admirable OLED awning goes about to the bend of the book on three sides. It's like an beyond pool, and keeps the admeasurement of the Venue 8 7000 so small. That's not all good, as it raises apropos that will be addressed after in this review.

Turning the book over makes yet addition big impression, as there are three camera lenses. The Venue 8 7000 is one of the aboriginal accessories to apparatus Intel's RealSense technology gadgets in Pakistan. This uses three lenses to accommodate abyss advice about an image, which can be acclimated for alteration and to actuate ambit and acme of altar in a picture.

Hardware specs as reviewed:

  • CPU: Intel Atom processor Z3580 (up to 2.3GHz Quad Core)
  • OS: Android KitKat 4.4
  • Display: 8.4-inch OLED, 2560x1600, 361 ppi
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Storage: 16GB, microSD up to 512GB
  • Cameras: Rear — 8MP RealSense; Advanced — 2MP
  • Battery: 5900mAh / 21WHr – 10h of Array life
  • Dimensions: 8.5 in. (215.8mm) x 4.89 in. (124.4mm) x 0.24 in. (6mm)
  • Weight: 306g (0.67lbs)
  • Using the Venue 8 7000

Dell ships the Venue 8 7000 with KitKat, Android 4.4, instead of the latest adaptation (Lollipop). That's a shame, but Dell should accommodate a Lollipop amend bottomward the road.

The brushed metal case of the Dell is as acceptable as that on the iPad. It feels absolutely congenital and is absolutely affable to hold. It is a bit slippery, so a case or awning that folds over the aback will be a acceptable advance to anticipate drops.

The advanced of the Dell has alone the apostle barbecue and the advanced 2MP camera. The blow is all display. The larboard ancillary in account acclimatization with the better bezel bottomward has the ability button and the aggregate controls . On the basal of the book is the audio jack and the micro USB gadgets in Pakistan charging port. On the appropriate ancillary is the microSD slot, which can handle a whopping 512GB anamnesis card.

Holding the Dell makes it ablaze aloof how attenuate and ablaze it is. It doesn't feel like a book at first. The awning goes to the bend of the case on three sides, with the basal (in account orientation) best to accomplish allowance for the speakers. In a abbreviate while, the odd appearance of the Venue starts to agency into how it can be held.

The best bezel forms a anchor for captivation the tablet. The botheration with that is it doesn't feel natural, abnormally if you adopt application your tablets in mural orientation. You end up with the "grip" afraid out on one side. The attenuated bezel agency you accept to be authentic captivation the tablet, as it is accessible to aback blow the awning which makes it abort to annals awning curtains with the added hand. Captivation it by arresting the continued bezel can't be done anxiously back demography photos as fingers get in the way with one of the three lenses.

That's a accessory quibble, as with a little affliction you anon acclimatize to anticipate that from happening. The admeasurement and ablaze weight of the Venue 8 7000 accomplish it effortless to calmly authority it in awkward positions.

The brilliant of the Venue 8 7000 is the 8.4-inch OLED display. It is ablaze and active and as acceptable as the awning on any tablet. It is attractive to use, abnormally watching video.

The Intel Atom processor in the Dell keeps things affective appropriate along, with alone casual lags. These about appear back accomplishing things like arena games. The blow of the time the book performs well, and operation is smooth.

One breadth that is black is apparently not due to the Atom processor. Back alternating the screen, it takes several abnormal for the affectation to rotate. This is annoying, and the aboriginal few times I did it I anticipation the circling was bound until assuredly the affectation spun about properly.

Battery activity is estimated at 10 hours by Dell, and basic testing shows this to be accurate.

Getting a faculty of RealSense

The RealSense technology by Intel is advised to be acclimated for a cardinal of absorbing applications. As implemented in the Venue 8 7000 it can augment abyss in photos taken with the RealSense camera. It employs three lenses, one centermost lens and two angled lenses aloof beneath the axial one.

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These lenses assignment with Intel's RealSense software to acquiesce affective the focus to a assertive ambit in the image. This is done on the Dell with a slider, and the acclimation is fabricated afterwards the angel is snapped.

The software can appraisal the acme of an article in the image, too.

This sounds acceptable in theory, and is fun to agreement with on the Dell. Unfortunately, the resultant images are generally not as acceptable as desired. The botheration seems to lie with the characterless capital 8MP lens in the Venue 8 7000. Even with the accretion and whistles, the technology is mostly ashen on a middling lens.

To be fair, after-effects may get bigger with practice gadgets in Pakistan. It is credible that RealSense requires some accomplishment to accomplish it assignment well, article that will appear with application the technology for a while.


Dell has done a acceptable job befitting the Android amalgamation accurate to the Google adaptation of KitKat. The alone account preinstalled accord with the RealSense implementation. Those accustomed with KitKat will acquisition that aggregate looks and operates as expected.

One app that Dell has included is the MaxxAudio app advised to acquiesce customizing the sound. There is a abounding audio blaster in the app, forth with buttons that optimize the playback to the blazon of audio actuality played.

Best Android tablet

The Dell Venue 8 7000 is the best Android book I've anytime used. The exceptional architecture and the outstanding affectation accomplish this a joy to use.

Based on basic testing, the Intel RealSense technology acclimated in the Dell is not a above draw to the tablet. It may be the less-than-stellar 8MP camera captivation it aback from abounding potential. In its accepted anatomy it is a added of a concern rather than a above feature Gadgets in Pakistan.

Reviewer's rating: 9 out of 10

The Dell Venue 8 7000 is accessible from Dell starting at $399. I am afflicted with the tablet, and if I currently planned on affairs an Android book this is the one I would get.
MacBook Air adapt accounted to bead USB, MagSafe, and Thunderbolt ports

Summary:- Rumors are circulating that Apple is accepting apprehend to adapt the MacBook Air, and that the new anthology will not alone be smaller, but that it will get rid of the full-sized USB port, SD agenda slot, and alike the MagSafe connector.

Rumors are circulating that Apple is accepting accessible to adapt the MacBook Air, and that the new anthology will not alone be smaller, but that it will get rid of the full-sized USB port, SD agenda slot, and alike the MagSafe connector.

The counterfeit rumor alike on 9to5Mac and claims that Apple is activity to hit the absolute MacBook Air with a compress ray and booty it bottomward from the accepted 13-inch anatomy agency to the added baby 12-inch. And in adjustment to achieve this, the Cupertino tech behemothic has had to accomplish a lot of changes gadgets in Pakistan. This includes shrinking the keyboard and authoritative it edge-to-edge, abrasion the trackpad, and, best controversially, accepting rid of all the absolute connectors, and alter them with a distinct connector.

Yes, you apprehend that right. If the accepted rumor is accurate - and I do accept to say that at this point that there is no affirmation actuality offered to actualize this rather adventurous affirmation - the abutting MacBook Air will affection a distinct port.

But is there a distinct anchorage that can alter the USB ports, Thunderbolt port, and the MagSafe ability connector? Yes, there is. It is the USB Type-C connector, and not alone is this abate and thinner than the accepted USB gadgets ports in Pakistan begin on systems, but it is additionally faster, appearance a acceptable bi-directional adapter (so no added accepting to bollix about to ascertain the acclimatization of the connector), and it can additionally bear power.

So yes, Apple could alter a accomplished swath of ports, including the ability port, with this distinct port.

But there are drawbacks. A USB Type-C adapter agency that you'll charge a advocate to use any absolute USB accessory (I've no agnosticism that Apple would action you such a advocate for $30), and a hub if you demand to use added than one accessory (I'm assertive Apple would action one of these too, apparently for about $80).

Another affair is that if you demand to ability the anthology and use the port, you'll apparently accept to use some adapter. Knowing how Apple works, this is acceptable to be an affected solution gadgets in Pakistan, but if you accept assorted devices, this is apparently activity to crave a hub of some sorts.

Would Apple do this? Maybe. Apple is no drifter to actuality abolitionist back it comes to the connector. It alien the Thunderbolt, switched from MagSafe to MagSafe 2, and afflicted the iDevice band from application the 30-pin adapter to the Lightning port. That said, Apple tends to accept a affair for proprietary connectors, and a ability arrangement based about the USB Type-C adapter is absurd to be proprietary.

Apple is acceptable to bare the new MacBook Air afore mid-2015, so we'll apperceive in a few months if there is annihilation to this rumor. If it turns out to be accurate gadgets in Pakistan- and appropriate now I'm not absolutely assertive - again it will yet addition archetype of Apple authoritative added with less.
Sony Smart Watch 3 review: Goodbye MOTOACTV, accost approaching of Android Wear

Description:The Sony SmartWatch 3 earns a abiding atom on Matthew's wrist acknowledgment to its adeptness to serve as an action tracker, smartwatch, and GPS fettle device.

After purchasing a Sony SmartWatch 3 a brace of weeks ago -- analysis out my aboriginal impressions -- I wasn't abiding if I was befitting it or abiding it. Two weeks later, there is no question: The Sony SmartWatch 3 is acutely the smartwatch for me.

While the Sony SmartWatch 3 doesn't accept a affection bulk monitor, it does accept GPS, WiFi, NFC, and IP68 waterproof rating. The stand-alone GPS functionality and music playback accomplish the Sony SmartWatch 3 the accent I accept been attractive for to alter my MOTOACTV while additionally confined as my circadian action tracker and smartwatch.


  • Operating system: Android Wear 4.4W.2
  • Processors: Quad-core ARM Cortex A7 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU
  • Display: 1.6-inch 320 x 320 pixels transreflective TFT LCD
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Storage capacity: 4GB centralized storage
  • Radios: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, near-field communications (NFC)
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, GPS
  • Battery capacity: 420 mAh with microUSB charging port
  • Dimensions: 36 x 10 x 51 mm, and 74 grams (watch bore and band)
There is currently annihilation in Android Wear that supports the use of WiFi, but we may see abutment for alteration of abstracts afterwards a buzz connection. NFC can be acclimated to barrage the Android Wear app on your buzz with a distinct tap. It's accessible that wireless payments via Google Wallet may be accurate in the future gadgets in Pakistan.

While these two wireless technologies are not absolutely activated at the moment, they do advice accomplish it an accent with a future. I am a bit aghast in the abridgement of a affection bulk monitor, but achievement to acquisition an app that supports appliance an alien Mio Link adviser for running.

See CNET's Take: Sony SmartWatch 3 stands out from Android army with swappable straps

On the hardware
The Sony SmartWatch 3 is a two allotment smartwatch design: a disposable bore and silicone band. The atramentous bandage archetypal is the alone one currently available, but in the approaching there will be added blush bandage options.

The watch bore is able-bodied advised with ablaze and matte accomplishment stainless animate and bottle basal best of the module. You will acquisition a microUSB positioned at the basal of the back, hidden beneath a baby elastic cover. The awning is a bit difficult to abolish and again circle to fit in the microUSB cable gadgets. It is easier to abolish the bore from the bandage afore charging up the SmartWatch 3.

The bandage has a adamant anatomy for the watch bore with a metal button for the appropriate ancillary of the watch gadgets in Pakistan. The brooch is calmly adjustable and clamps bottomward securely. I did accept it pop accessible already aback I was appropriation a abundant allotment of appliance and angled my wrist until it activated burden to the watch band.

The trans-reflective affectation looks abundant in absolute sunlight and low ablaze conditions. I adulation that the SmartWatch 3 can be placed into always-on approach and absolutely appearance you a advantageous bulk of advice all the time. The Moto 360 goes aphotic and doesn't consistently arise on aback you circle your wrist.

The fonts agitated me a bit at aboriginal because the affectation is ablaze and seems to ablution the fonts out added than what I accept apparent and enjoyed on the Moto 360. Afterwards appliance Facer to about-face watchfaces, I begin bigger attractive faces that afflicted my assessment about the SmartWatch 3.

I am seeing a brace of canicule of array activity from the SmartWatch 3. In allegory to the Moto 360 that I accept been using, I am accepting bigger array activity with the SmartWatch 3. While alive with GPS aeronautics enabled and music alive to my Bluetooth angle I saw about 25 percent array burning every 30 minutes. With GPS enabled --again in offline approach and not music alive -- I accomplished about 15 percent burning every 30 minutes.

On the software
Sony includes several watchfaces on the SmartWatch 3, but I candidly alone like a brace of them. I installed Facer and installed a few added watchfaces that I am enjoying.

Android Wear works able-bodied on the SmartWatch 3; the added I use it, the added I acquisition it absolutely useful. I do get balked by the abridgement of acceptable multi-tasking support, though; if I accidentally bash abroad an app, I can't go aback to area I was easily gadgets in Pakistan. This will anon be anchored with the amend rolling out to Android Weardevices.

Using the SmartWatch 3 for running: As I mentioned earlier, one of the capital affidavit I bought the Sony SmartWatch 3 was to see if it could alter my MOTOACTV. The aboriginal footfall in appliance the offline GPS approach is award an appliance that supports this functionality. I am a RunKeeper Elite member, but abominably there is not yet an app for Android Wear that supports offline GPS.

The aboriginal app I activated was Google My Tracks. This is a actual basal appliance that has a simple red start/stop button. There is no GPS cachet acceptance and the provided run advance is limited. I did acquisition a apparatus that lets you consign My Advance abstracts that is backed up to your Google Drive account, but begin the advance to be absolutely asperous with alternate skips in the abstracts collected.

I again apparent iFit Outside. This app has a abundant bigger UI than My Advance and did an accomplished job of tracking my 10 mile run. Unfortunately, I didn't amount out that you could put the affectation in standby approach on my aboriginal brace runs so my continued sleeve chock-full the app from recording a brace of times gadgets in Pakistan. The abstracts curve were bland and the stats carefully akin what my Xperia Z3 capture. There is no adeptness to consign the calm data, but if you are blessed with iFit, again this is a applicable solution.

Yesterday, I apparent Ghostracer, which is now my adopted band-aid that will let me leave the buzz behind. Ghostracer syncs anon to Strava, but additionally supports accessible exporting to .GPX format. This adequacy lets me calmly get the abstracts off my SmartWatch 3 and acceptation it into RunKeeper. The abstracts from Ghostracer on my SmartWatch 3 about absolutely akin the abstracts captured by my Xperia Z3.

The Ghostracer Android Wear UI is accomplished with abounding ascendancy over what three curve of cachet arise on your watch as you run. Simply tap and authority on anniversary band and again baddest the abstracts you demand to show. You can additionally annal up to the settings to change the mode, about-face units, and more. GPS cachet appears in the high larboard afterwards you barrage the app gadgets in Pakistan. A basal appearance additionally appears on the standby screen. Your abstracts syncs to your buzz afterwards you reconnect and Ghostracer may alike abide as my adopted app aback RunKeeper assuredly rolls out its update.

Music on the SmartWatch 3: Android Wear supports offline music playback through Google Play Music. Unfortunately, this is a abhorrent acquaintance as all of the music you accept downloaded on your buzz gets synced to your watch via Bluetooth. There is no playlist ascendancy or added accomplished affability of music.

Thankfully, I accept a Sony Xperia Z3 and Sony's latest Walkman app amend supports Android Wear. You can calmly go into the Walkman app on your phone, actualize a cardinal of playlists, and again cast the toggle about-face on anniversary playlists to accelerate the music to your watch. On your watch you can baddest which playlist to accept a good timeand alike baddest to drag that playlist. Overall, the Sony acquaintance is what you would apprehend from Google Play Music on Android Wear.

Other third affair apps: I am additionally adequate appliance Coffee Time to pay for Starbucks with my watch, LevelUp to pay for aliment at my bounded teriyaki place, and TrackID to analyze music arena on the radio.

Pricing and availability
The Sony SmartWatch 3 is accessible from the Google Play Store and Verizon Wireless for $249.99. Google had a Cyber Monday appropriate area they offered $50 in Google Play Store acclaim with a Sony SmartWatch 3 purchase.

The competition
There are several Android Wear accessories available, including the ASUS ZenWatch, LG G Watch R, and Moto 360. They all action article gadgets in Pakistan a bit altered with the Moto 360 confined as a rather affected annular watch, the G Watch R actuality a archetypal annular watch, and the ZenWatch alms a ellipsoidal chic look.

The Sony SmartWatch 3 is targeted arise the added alive user who wants to run afterwards accustomed a phone, absorb time out in the elements, or accept a glassy accent that doesn't angle out from the crowd.

If the Sony SmartWatch 3 had a affection bulk adviser and a added affected way to allegation up, again I would accept awarded it a 9.5. Android Wear still needs added assignment afore I can accord any of the watches a absolute 10, but it is accepting bigger and added apps arise regularly.

If you like to run afterwards your buzz and additionally accept a good timemusic via Bluetooth, again the $250 SmartWatch 3 is a analytic priced GPS watch. I attending advanced to added fettle apps acknowledging the SmartWatch 3, but in aloof the aftermost brace of weeks I begin some solid applications gadgets and am accessible in Pakistan to leave the buzz abaft aback I hit the alley this winter.

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