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Hottest coolgadgets tech gifts roundup of 2015

Posted by Jerry Hannan Saturday, December 26, 2015 0 comments
We take a look back at the best, coolest tech of the year, and the most popular gadgets that made us geek out in 2015

Sphero BB-8 app-enabled droid: $149.95

Hottest coolgadgets tech gifts roundup of 2015 - Ez4gadgets

If you have seen Star Wars: The force awakens movie, you will want your very own BB-8. You can guide it with your voice or mobile device coolgadgets, record holographic videos and watch its attitude and actions evolve. Explore your own galaxy with this droid.

Apple Watch: from: $349.00

Hottest coolgadgets tech gifts roundup of 2015 - Ez4gadgets

The Apple Watch had been hotly anticipated for months before its debut in March 2015 coolgadgets and has been in great demand ever since. With a range of models and prices, Apple has created a watch to suit all budgets and lifestyles. iPhone integration and geeky features means that it appeals to all fans of the iOS platform.

Apple iPad Pro: from $799

Hottest coolgadgets tech gifts roundup of 2015 - Ez4gadgets

Larger than the iPad, the iPad Pro has a 12.9 inch retina display and 2732 x 2048 pixel resolution. You can achieve up to 10 hours of web surfing, listening to music, or watching videos when you use Wi-Fi coolgadgets or nine hours of web surfing using the cell data network. This is a must buy item for all iPad fans.

Amazon Echo: $179.99

Hottest coolgadgets tech gifts roundup of 2015 - Ez4gadgets

A best seller this year, the Amazon Echo coolgadgets lets you play music using your voice. It will read audiobooks to you; gives you information on local businesses and deliver the traffic and local weather report. It will even control the lights in your home.

Alienware 17 FHD 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop: $1,699.00

Hottest coolgadgets tech gifts roundup of 2015 - Ez4gadgets

A 17.3 inch 1920 x 1080 pixel screen makes this Alienware PC a must for gamers. 16GM DDR4 RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M coolgadgets graphics card ensures that your gaming experience is as good as possible with no lag. This is an expensive gift - but a great one for the gamer in your life.

Google Chromecast: $30.00

Hottest coolgadgets tech gifts roundup of 2015 - Ez4gadgets

Google Chromecast lets you connect to the Internet and stream music, movies, sports and games. Use your phone as a remote, and mirror content to your TV. Connect to your HDTV using the coolgadgets HDMI interface and control with a compatible phone or mobile device.

Fitbit Charge HR Wristband: $149.87

Hottest coolgadgets tech gifts roundup of 2015 - Ez4gadgets

The Fitbit is a continuous heart rate, sleep and activity monitor which tracks your life and syncs the stats to your smartphone coolgadgets. Track the steps you take, distance covered, floors climbed and the quality of your sleep. Monitor your activities and get motivated

Apple iPhone 6 plus: $699

Hottest coolgadgets tech gifts roundup of 2015 - Ez4gadgets

Ignore the stories about the metal chassis of this phone bending, the iPhone 6 plus coolgadgets has been the coveted device of 2015. With its 5.5 inch widescreen multi-touch display and 8 megapixel camera, it can replace your iPad or iPad mini when out and about.

Parrot BeBop drone quadricopter: $449.99

Hottest coolgadgets tech gifts roundup of 2015 - Ez4gadgets

Drones have been in the news constantly this year with models ranging from mini to drones capable of carrying a payload. Mini drones, capable of flying indoors, and controlled by your smartphone are on many gift lists this year. The Parrot BeBop drone coolgadgets quadricopter is a great drone to hone your flying skills.

Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook: $269

Hottest coolgadgets tech gifts roundup of 2015 - Ez4gadgets

The CB35 Chromebook has been flying off the shelves throughout 2015 coolgadgets as users rush to simplify their home and working life. This Chromebook has a 13.3 inch HD screen, comes with 100GB Google Drive storage and weighs less than three pounds.

Lenovo ThinkPad 10 (second era) Review

Posted by Jerry Hannan Friday, December 25, 2015 0 comments
Lenovo ThinkPad 10 (second era) Review: Classy, yet expensive and underpowered 

Lenovo's ThinkPad 10 Windows tablet is presently on its second era. A year ago we were awed with the first form, taking note of that it would be "just as at home in the meeting room and front room." 

The new ThinkPad 10 accompanies Windows 10 and is again intended to be completely business-prepared. However to take full point of interest you'll not just need to buy the discretionary ThinkPad 10 Folio Keyboard coolgadgets, additionally climb from the passage level £459.99 (inc. VAT) cost to supplant Windows 10 Home with Windows 10 Pro, include more RAM and inside capacity, and portable broadband if required. 

As its name proposes, the ThinkPad 10 has a 10.1-inch screen. It's an excellent IPS board with a determination of 1,920 by 1,200 pixels (224ppi) conveying a reasonable, sharp and brilliant picture. Similarly as with numerous tablets, the board's surface is exceptionally intelligent, which we discovered to a great degree diverting while working. On the in addition to side, seeing points are great. 

Lenovo ThinkPad 10 (second era) Review - Ezy4Gadgets

The screen sits in a wide bezel, giving the tablet a general foot shaped impression of 256mm by 177mm and permitting you to hold it in maybe a couple hands without inadvertently pushing the screen. The ThinkPad 10 is prominently bigger than the coolgadgets iPad Air 2's 240mm by 169.5mm, in spite of the fact that obviously the iPad has a littler screen at 9.7 inches. 

We could flex the 9.1mm-thick ThinkPad 10 body a little between two hands. It isn't so much that the manufacture quality is especially poor, however Lenovo's tablet feels marginally less powerful than the iPad Air 2. 

There's a flawless configuration highlight in the case molding, with adjusted corners on the top long edge and square ones on the base. This isn't just about looks: the squared-off base edges permit the tablet to dock perfectly with the coolgadgets  ThinkPad 10 Folio Keyboard - a discretionary additional that will add $110 (around £80) to the general expense. We weren't furnished with a console as a major aspect of our audit unit, however can affirm that the magnets used to bolster the tablet when docked are compelling - they followed the ThinkPad 10 to our metal tablet stand really well. 

Lenovo ThinkPad 10 (second era) Review - Ezy4Gadgets

The suspension materials don't imply that the ThinkPad 10 is an especially light hold - at 597g it's fundamentally heavier than the 437g iPad Air 2, for instance. All things considered, the coolgadgets ThinkPad 10 feels very good when held in one hand and we don't see its weight as an issue. 

Where Lenovo steals a walk over Apple is as far as network. The right short edge houses a headset jack, the volume rocker and power connector, alongside a MicroSD card opening and a Micro-HDMI port. 

There's additionally a full-sized USB 3.0 port (under a hard to-supplant and effectively lost elastic defender) in addition, on the highest point of-the-extent £709.99 (inc. VAT) demonstrate, a Micro-SIM caddy for the discretionary (LTE) versatile broadband module coolgadgets. For neighborhood availability, there's 802.11ac wi-fi and Bluetooth 4.0. 

The back of our survey unit had a unique mark peruser and a marker for the NFC touch point, which are both discretionary additional items. The back is likewise home to the ThinkPad logo with its trademark status LED incorporated with the spot of the 'i'.  

There's likewise the lens for the 5-megapixel back camera, which has a LED streak. The front camera is a 1.2-megapixel unit. 

Lenovo ThinkPad 10 (second era) Review - Ezy4Gadgets

We noted before that you'll have to spend more than the feature £459.99 (inc. VAT) on the off chance that you need a first class business-prepared tablet. There are three preconfigured models accessible, and you just get versatile broadband in the event that you settle on the coolgadgets  top-end £709.99 (inc. VAT) form, which likewise incorporates smartcard bolster and is the main preconfigured model to run Windows 10 Pro. The others run Windows 10 Home. 

On the off chance that you don't care for the preconfigured models you can simply change the determinations to get an arrangement that suits your necessities. Moving from coolgadgets Windows 10 Home to Pro costs an additional £55.20 (inc. VAT), for instance. 

The processor continues as before over each of the three off-the-rack setups: Intel's 1.6-2.4GHz Atom x7-Z8700. The two more costly models have 4GB of RAM and 128GB of eMMC stockpiling, while the passage level form has 2GB and 64GB. 

The processor decision is somewhat of an issue for this tablet. Indeed, even moderately straightforward undertakings like opening a Microsoft Edge window up to full screen brought about a discernable hold up, and we have a few reservations about the processor's capacity to adapt to even somewhat requesting business errands - particularly in case you're utilizing different applications at the same time. 

Lenovo ThinkPad 10 (second era) Review - Ezy4Gadgets

You might need to note that notwithstanding while sitting without moving the back right of the body turns out to be perceptibly warm. 

Lenovo rates the ThinkPad 10's battery life at up to 10 hours, which could get you through a working day away from work a full charge in case you're simply doing a touch of record creation/altering and the odd email or online session. Be that as it may, in the event that you turn up the screen shine or push the processor with joined sessions, you might need to give the tablet a mid-evening power support.